My future garden

I think it’s time. I want my own garden.

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, but believe it or not my visit to the pumpkin patch really put my garden fantasies over the edge. I’ve had dreams of fresh-picked basil, my very own sprigs of mint, a parsley plant, needles of rosemary, and even growing my very own aloe vera.

Yes, I want all of these things in my garden. But there is one plant, I’ve just discovered that I want oh so very much more:

Behind the “Cabbage Kale” sign (in the terrible lop-sided circle) is the most gorgeous plant I have ever seen. It’s my favorite salad lettuce leaves in their own pot. I can’t even imagine the happiness this plant would bring me!

I want to be like Alice Waters, or even Sam from Chews Wise and make my own salad or  this lunch from my very own garden. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If I had my own garden, I could make my very own Basil Balsamic Marinade for Fish or Roast Parsley Chicken. The possibilities are really endless!

Ah, guess I’ll have to wait until next summer…

-Hillary, appreciating all the commenters’ tips from Sarah’s garden post
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • Sarah

    Hillary, it is soooo fun growing your own garden! I swear the second I planted all my herbs and veggies, I become rather obsessed with it. It became my baby and after a month or so of waiting for something to happen, it did and it was wonderful!

    What a difference it makes cooking with fresh veggies and herbs from your OWN garden than a grocery store.

    Thank god for the weather being kind to us because my garden is still growing green peppers and tomatoes. I will be sad to have to dig it all up come winter but next summer I will be right back at it again…..just like you- well starting your own that is.

  • Jennifer Hess

    Definitely do it! I think one of my favorite things about having a garden is that rather than spending the money on big bunches of fresh herbs that invariably go bad before we can use them all up, I can just go out to the garden and snip off only the amount I need. And so many of them last even through the winter – we have sage, thyme and rosemary that have been with us since we first planted 3 years ago!

  • Hillary

    Sarah – Yea, when I read your garden post I was pretty jealous! Hehe. I’ll definitely have to get some tips from you next year when it comes time for warm weather again.

    Jennifer – Thanks for the comment! That’s exactly why I want a garden! Not only will it be thrilling to cook with my own self-grown herbs, but grocery store portions are always too big!

  • Lydia

    I’m a fairly recent gardener, and I have to warn you — gardening can be very addictive! Seriously, there is nothing like harvesting your own herbs and vegetables, and going right into the kitchen with them. I’m looking forward to reading about your gardening adventures next summer!

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