Pumpkins and Apple Crisp

Is it really fall? These odd bursts of 70+ degree October weather seem to tell me otherwise.

But, lucky for my sanity, yesterday was probably the falliest fall day that ever fell. Yes, it was the epitomy of fall because, in short, yesterday consisted of pumpkins and apple crisp.

Some new friends of mine held a pumpkin carving gathering at their apartment last night. First of all, I love new friends. Secondly, I love pumpkin carving; I had never carved a pumpkin before last year. So for both these reasons, I was beyond excited to attend (ask the friend I begged to come with me).

But the excitement was put over the edge when I knew there would be: apple crisp.

This wasn’t just any apple crisp. It was probably the best I have ever tasted. With the perfect ratio of apples to crisp, the flavor combination melted in your mouth. And to top it all off (literally), it was served with a dollop of homemade whipped cream. I’m trying to nail down their actual recipe, but in the meantime this similar recipe may suffice.

But, this epitomizing fall day didn’t quite stop there. Actually it began at a pumpkin patch, because of course any fall season requires a trip to a pumpkin patch, complete with carving party or not. So we went, picked out our pumpkin as well as our secret accessory. You’ll find out what that was later.

(Note: the GIANT pumpkin you see above cost $75! We opted for a $6 pumpkin.)

After picking out our pumpkin, we arrived ready for some carving action. First we cut out the top, then we degutted the thing, picked a design and cut open our secret accessory.

And here are some of the finished products! Ours is second from the left (you’ll notice our accessory!)

So needless to say, aside from pans and pans of apple crisp, I’ve started craving all things pumpkin. In my childhood phase, I was never a pumpkin pie fan but these days, along with other pumpkin delicacies, I’ve been looking forward to having some. Here are some recipes for you to follow if you’re having these same cravings:

Pumpkin Pie Cookies
Baked Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Flan
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

None of these suit your fancy? Oh believe me, there are loads more where they came from! Happy fall everyone!

-Hillary, reminding everyone to enter the Spook-tacular Halloween Recipes Contest!
Editor, Recipe4Living

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  • JEP

    You do the most sounding things nearly every weekend—I’m jealous! Adorable carved pumpkin, too. I drink pumpkin pie smoothies year-round :)

  • http://inmylife-paola.blogspot.com/ Paola

    Those pumpkins look too cute!
    You guys are having such warm weather! I heard from my mom in Jerset that it was also quite warm there. Well, it’s COLD here!
    I love anything with pumokin, but unfortunately, I stand alone in this house as far as that’s concerned!


  • http://www.theperfectpantry.com Lydia

    I could take or leave pumpkins, honestly, but do not separate me from my apple crisp — or apple pie, or apple spice bread, or applesauce!

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Sarah

    <p>Wow Hilary I must say- You have the best pictures! I went to Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm (if anyone lives around Hoffman Estates, IL I highly recommend going there for pumpkins – http://www.pumpkinfarms.com/) this past weekend and went searching with Eric for the “perfect’ pumpkin to carve. Needless to say after an hour or so trying to find one and trying to fight the crowd of people doing the same thing we found one! We are actually going to carve it tonight and I am so excited! </p>
    <p>When I start to carve the pumpkin I also clean out the inside and save all the pumpkin seeds to roast in the oven (Here is a recipe for anyone interested: http://www.recipe4living.com/Recipes/Recipe.aspx?id=26330). Next year you and your friends should try it. All you have to do is rinse the seeds off, lightly oil or butter them and sprinkle some salt on them. Place in a 250 degree oven for about an hour and then eat em up! I always place the seeds in the oven while I am carving the pumpkin. That way I have a treat when I am done!</p>

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    JEP – Thanks!! I did have a lot of fun. I have to admit I have yet to try one, but it’s on my to-do list for sure!

    Paola – We have been pretty lucky with the weather….in a very odd and eerie kind of way. I feel like it’s the calm before the storm and we’re going to be shocked with a cold front soon! I bet you’ll change your family’s mind about pumpkin one of these days.

    Lydia – Alright, alright, if you don’t like pumpkin, I’m ok with it if you like apple crisp. I really hope to get this recipe – it was delicious!

    Sarah – Ooh yay take pictures of your pumpkin too! I want to see. I have roasted the seeds before actually (last year) and either I did something wrong or I’m just not a fan of roasted pumpkin seeds :9. Our friend was definitely planning on roasting them so I left ours to add to his batch!

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Sarah

    Yeah pumpkin seeds are a love/hate kind of food. I know several people who don’t like the taste of them but I just can’t resist them!

  • http://www.teczcape.blogspot.com tigerfish

    Last year, I got myself a free big pumpkin from the Pumpkin festival and did not know what to do with it in the kitchen. I think $6-worth smaller pumpkins are better options when it comes to cooking. It’s easier to handle unless one has a electronic saw (like what Alton Brown uses in his show).

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  • http://www.sassyradish.com radish

    I dig the pumpkin with the gourd nose. :-)

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    Tigerfish – Oooh a free pumpkin, eh? Let me know how to score that!

    Radish – Holla! That one was totally ours, but I can’t take credit for the idea…that was my friend’s doing.

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