Your Weekly Libation: Asombroso!

Amazingly, despite my love of drinks of questionable manliness, I had never tried sangria until last weekend at a lovely Tapas restaurant with my parents (and brother, which led to at least two “We’re going to a topless restaurant? Awesome!” jokes). I’m not sure quite how much this recipe matches up to the probably-more-authentic version I had while we picked at tapas dish after tapas dish, but it’s definitely awesome, for two reasons (in addition to the taste):

1) Drinks with mulled or whole fruits and berries in them allow you to eat something utterly infused with the taste of the drink once you’ve finished imbibing.
2) Defiantly eating summer berries makes it easier to ignore the increasingly gloomy weather. Nyah, Chicago Winter. I say again, nyah!

With those in mind, I give you Berry-Filled Sangria.



1 C. washed and hulled strawberries
1/2 C. washed blueberries
1/2 C. washed raspberries
Juice of lemon
1/4 bottle dry white wine
1/4 bottle dry champagne
1 bottle rose zinfandel
1/4 C. fruit-infused vodka
2 C. white cranberry juice
1 1/2 C. soda water


Put ice cubes in bottom of pitcher, toss in fruit on top of ice along with lemon juice. Add wine, champagne and vodka. Stir. Retire to someplace comfortable with two glasses and a good friend.Salud!

-Jim is apparently stuck on corn, by the way

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  • Sylvia

    Wow, I like sangria but i never saw made in this way,but I love the idea, rose zinfadel and champagne and berries…Awesome .And certainly ideal for summer and lazy days

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe you have never have tried sangria before!!???? This recipe looks excellent and it is already making me thirsty! I hosted a party last year and one of my girlfriends and I made our own sangria with wine, and fruit juices. The best part was adding all the fresh fruit. Instead of berries (like the recipe you have given to us) we used grapes, oranges, apples, limes and lemons and it was outstanding. You can pretty much add any type of fruit you want with this amazing punch!

    Just make sure you watch how much of this stuff you drink, as delicious as it is, you might end up NOT remembering how it tasted the next day. Have a good one!

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