Feeding the world while boosting your vocabulary

Do yourselves a favor and visit: freerice.com.

You can test your vocabulary, and donate rice to the hungry at the same time! For every word you get right, the sponsors donate 10 grains of rice. And as if it couldn’t get any better than that, you see the rice pile up in a bowl next to the vocab quiz!

The words start off somewhat easy. The more words you get right, the more difficult they become. In other words, the game stays at a level it thinks you can attain, while still managing to challenge you. It is, in a word, genius.

So far, through this game, I’ve learned that I have been provendering the hungry with aliments!

And thanks to us vocab boosters (ok, fine: the sponsors) people all around the world can enjoy recipes like these:
Herb Rice Delight
Basmati Rice
Spanish Rice
Curried Rice
Lemongrass Fried Rice

I really don’t think it gets much better than that!

-Hillary, confused and amazed by potato forks
Editor, Recipe4Living

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  • http://www.teczcape.blogspot.com tigerfish

    Rice – the chinese staple! Lemongrass Fried Rice sounds so aromatic :)

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  • http://www.mangopowergirl.blogspot.com Mango Power Girl

    This is awesome – thanks for posting this, I’ll definitely be passing your post around! In every way you can give back the better. I was watching the news today (which I rarely do) and saw a great story about this woman who started a charity by donating excess breast milk to hungry orphans in Africa & now she’s got boat loads of milk being shipped out there & helping hungry babies in orphanages – I love it when people come up with creative solutions like these :)

  • karen Hammarstrom

    What a great way to give to charity. And fun too. Lets get started.

  • http://kitchenmusings.typepad.com veron

    Now you got me addicted to it too!

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    Tigerfish – doesn’t it?? Let me know if you make it.

    Mango Power Girl – Creativity definitely works on people…I’m so addicted to freerice! Thanks for your comment :)

    Karen – Definitely, I think I’ve donated about 4,000 grains of rice already…which I realize isn’t THAT much but I have to refrain from taking too many breaks from work :)

    Veron – Hehehe…that was my plan all along!! It’s too fun!

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