Technologic, Technologic

Through an incredible stroke of (totally deserved, let me assure you) luck, I got an iPhone soon after the shiny little Apple world domination tool cellphone-slash-toy hit the market, but I’ve never really bothered with the myriad third-party apps, hacks, and unlocks that follow the phone around like a stormcloud (of convenience!). That is, until I saw this:

OneTrip Shopping List, a handy little web-based application that lets you compile a shopping list–and check off things as you grab them–on your iPhone. Since I’m so damned absentminded I virtually always end up leaving my list in the kitchen (or don’t even bother to write one), this is a great tool for me, and it’s formatted to perfectly suit the iPhone’s touch interface. Cool stuff!

Of course, Recipe4Living kinda got there first, since its Shopping List function lets you check off specific recipes and automatically compile all the necessary ingredients into one printable MegaList. But if I ever forget said MegaList, now I can whip out my cellphone.

-Jim’s still waiting for Mobile IM, though, c’mon Apple what the eff

  • Crabby Mcslacker

    Call me when the iphone will go to the grocery store and bring the sh*t back and cook it up for me–then I’m definitely buying one. Til then, a bit pricey for a portable shopping list.

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