Your Weekly Libation: Pregaming Edition

So I saw something today that was too cool to pass up. Apparently if you take a look at blog aggregator site BuzzFeed, you’ll notice one food blog trend that’s particularly of note. Something once maligned looks like it’s about to be en vogue. What could it be? Is foie gras making a comeback? How about cider? Maybe bacon is good for you?

None of those things, unfortunately, but boxed wine is apparently on the up-and-up!

Apparently, the butt of jokes everywhere from Seinfeld to college costume parties (only three people can do that “Box of Wine” costume before the idea is tapped out, you guys) is getting a makeover. Companies like Black Box Wine are attempting to resell box wine as a classy, convenient, and just-as-good alternative to bottled wines.

I’d be more excited, except they’re apparently selling for the same price as some bottled varieties. Dude…no. Box wines are cheap. It’s a rule. I read it somewhere on the internet, it must be true. And as Sarah has already proven, cheap in cost does not mean cheap in flavor.

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