Apparently, this fruit stuff is good for you


Since cutting down a bit on my desserts and snacks (mainly by restricting myself to homemade stuff as opposed to store-bought junk) and making a conscious effort to eat fruit whenever I crave food between meals, I’ve lost five pounds.

That’s in addition to the five pounds lost via switching to diet soda (creepy as it may feel).

As a bonus, all the fruit I’ve been scarfing–grapes, strawberries, apples–is immensely snackable. Some of it even manages to be high on the Poppability Index, and none of it makes me feel ill the way I do after devouring a plateful of cookies (even if it is a happy kind of ill). All people need to do is make small adjustments where necessary to reap the benefits; keep some apples and peanut butter handy. Make some fruit salad and bring it with to work. Acknowledge that not every sweet thing you eat must involve chocolate or come from a convenient sealed bag.

Can you imagine what it’ll be like once I’m exercising regularly? I’ll give you a hint: Shirtless Christian Bale. Batman/American Psycho Bale, not The Machinist Bale. Minus, you know, the vigilantism and killing sprees.

-Jim predicts a total reversal of fortune following the next Ron of Japan visit

  • 60 in 3

    Slow and gradual, that’s the way to do it. Just a lot of little changes that add up to some major results.

    How about Reign of Fire Bale? A bit more scruffy but still good, and then you wouldn’t have the psychotic issues to deal with.


  • Jim

    I do like looking scruffy…

    But Patrick Bateman is so well dressed.

  • tigerfish

    I was high on fruits in the summer….but now….supply is low…of course I don’t mind apples and pears during Fall, but I really miss those berries, peaches, plums and melons!

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  • Israel

    how long was it before you lose the 5 pounds?

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