Oh God

I take back what I said about obviously unhealthy food being perfectly okay.

Chicken-Fried Bacon with White Gravy.

…really? Really?

I’m ashamed of myself for wanting to eat this. Was chocolate-covered bacon not decadent enough? How about the bacon vodka? Or all the amazingly tasty bacon-centric recipes on the site? It’s like we’re trying to kill ourselves, or maybe force the evolution of bulletproof/fat-proof/everything-proof hearts.

Oh, the horror. The achingly delicious horror.

  • http://www.foodonthefood.com Tammy

    I live in the wrong state.

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  • http://blog.buckymcoinkumsbbq.com Curt

    Jim Gaffigan, a comedian, has a bit about how bacon is the fairy dust of the food world… Don’t want that baked potatoe, bling, (add bacon bits), and it’s your favorite meal… Salad doesn’t sound good? badabing (add bacon bits) and it’s an entree!

    I’m making pig candy this weekend… bacon with syrup and brown sugar… Can’t wait to try it and add a bit more bacon to the blogosphere! But have you yet tried the country fried bacon?

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Jim

    Curt – I just watched that last night! The bit that got me laughing out loud was “I bet if you put bacon bits on top of a strip of bacon you’d go BACK IN TIME. It’s like a delicious vortex!”

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