Your Weekly Libation: Almost Out-of-Season

If my occasional references to pigging out on Oberweis or my desire for an ice cream maker weren’t clues, I’ll spell it out: I’m, uh, rather enthusiastic about ice cream. And within that realm, I am incredibly enthusiastic about milkshakes. I imagine one of the reasons I’ve got such a soft belly right now is because of all those burgers and shakes I devoured in high school.

So when a couple college friends introduced me to the concept of an alcoholic milkshake, I was thrilled. Two great tastes that taste great together!

The drink: The Grasshopper.

The booze: Creme de Menthe. And possibly chocolate liqueur, if you’ve ever wanted a mint chocolate chip milkshake that’ll get ya crunked.

My friend’s description: “It tastes like Christmas!”

Use bargain-store tipple and ice cream like we did and you’ll get a boozy Shamrock Shake; use top-shelf stuff and some Haagen-Dazs and you’ll get a frozen cocktail better than anything the fanciest restaurant will sell you.

Sure, they don’t exactly pack a punch, and you can’t really drink multiple rounds. But these are outstanding dessert drinks, and everyone should give ‘em a try before it gets too cold to justify enjoying a big, frosty glass of blended ice cream.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

-Jim will be 24 when he returns!

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