Leftovers, leftovers, and more leftovers

There’s clean the fridge night, and then there’s clean the fridge night (Haha, sorry Max!) Yes, this giant heaping plate of glorious leftovers was brought to you by: my mom outdoing herself on Sukkot.

I told you that with Sukkot came 8 days of homecooked meals and there, last night was the collaboration of it all….on one plate. There were potatoes, grilled vegetables (including that butternut squash and loaddds of mushrooms), sweet and sour meatballs, rice and noodle casserole, crisp green beans, turkey with cranberry sauce, barbeque chicken, kishke, you name it, and that was just all I took on my plate. Oh there was more alright. My brother took the salmon, the hot dogs were still around, and we surely have salad, salad, and more salad. And I haven’t even gotten to dessert…

I don’t think you could even fit that all on one menu at any restaurant if you tried.

All of the food was so so good, that I think it got me over the leftover-hating phase of my life. Oh, and believe me parents, I can already hear you thinking: Did she really just say that? Yep, I’m out of the closet…leftovers are good (or at least these were)!

But on to other things…because this post is about more than just food leftovers.

Last night, on Iron Chef America, Morimoto definitely made chocolate-covered asparagus, which not only made my entire family’s night, but actually looked good. All the more reason why I love him.

I’m sad to report that even though I write for a food blog in Chicago, I will not be attending the Top Chef finale LIVE reveal of the winner. It’s a closed set that you need to be invited to, but I’m not bitter. Not bitter at all…

Good news! I saw the Amateur Gourmet Book was placed in a much better spot at the very same Borders the other day. Oh, and for the record, I never acknowledged actually reading it…so now after having done so, I just want everyone to know that the book is excellent! Go buy a copy!

-Hillary, off to meet Alice Waters! I know, who am I these days?
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    Leftovers? But they look sumptuous.

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