Sometimes I wish I lived in Germany

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Oktoberfest is here.

Has been since the 22nd, actually.

A two-week festival, attended by over six million people, all for drinking awesome beer, eating amazing (and heart-cloggingly delicious) food, listening to jammin’ local music, and talking with your friends. Young casualties of alcoholic excess strewn about so frequently the locals call them “beer corpses,” even the local politicians slumming with the common man by tapping the ceremonial First Keg.

It’s like the Irish condensed their social habits into a two week period and learned a different language.

Someday I will be a wealthy imports/exports baron (possibly friends with Art Vandelay) and I will go to these festivals of joyous excess whenever I want. In the meantime…I’ll write articles about them.

-Jim still holds a grudge about the cider, though

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  • gilli

    Oh Oktoberf Fest…filled with ex pay New Zealanders, Aussies and South Aficans. We were in Munich Sept 1968 too early for the Fest but a planned 2 day stay turned into 1 week. Great fun for young people. We were camping, I didn’t like beer before that but those frosty steins won me over. Young New Zealanders go mad in Munchen. Great memories.
    I think if you don’t go next year JIm you will be to old!!!

  • Jim

    Gilli, if my older brothers, cousins, and uncles are any indication, I will NEVER be too old!

  • Jen

    Who has to wait to go Germany for such festivals. It’s October in America if no other time of the year I’ve seen many a person enjoy this part of their German heritage. May not be the same as Germany exactly but the sentiment is there. INobody’s ever to old when all’s good. Jim are you capitalizing on this to become that wealthy baron?

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