A cake is a cake…is a cake, not!

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen all sorts of interesting cakes, from Root Beer Float Cake to Beer Cake, and I assure you, I do love creativity. But there are some cakes out there, walking the Cake category (terrible metaphor for streets) of Recipe4Living, that really just don’t seem to belong.

First case in point: Tomato Soup Cake. Really? When you say you’re serving cake for dessert, is anyone going to want this? Or do you serve this as your appetizer?

Next, we have the just- as-dysfunctional-sounding Salad Dressing Cake. But this one seems to still be sweet, and just uses salad dressing. Still confused…

And then, there’s the ever delicious Ritz Cracker Cake. I guess it’s coconut-flavored, who would have thought?

PB&J Cake sounds like a winner too but at least that’s kid-friendly and sweet.

But my absolute favorite cake name from the site: The Great Depression Cake. I know, the joke’s on me, it’s not really made to be funny. People actually made this cake, but for some reason I can’t help cracking up when I hear it. It sounds like the ultimate indulgence cake, but really it’s referring to the cheapness of its ingredients. Don’t worry, I get it.

Props to those of you who made the Recipe4Living site that much more interesting. Keep ‘em coming. Oh and readers, do tell me, which cake would you make?

-Hillary, wondering if R4L should host a “crazy cake contest” next
Editor, Recipe4Living

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  • Alan Clifford

    I completely agree with you! A friend of mine made something similar to the Tomato Soup cake several weeks ago and it was horrible. If a person is going to splurge and have cake, shouldn’t it be sweet and delicious? I will stick with white cake and frosting any day.

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    Haha – thanks for agreeing with me Alan!

  • http://www.4everykitchen.com Ruth

    Tomato soup and salad dressing definitely belong somewhere far, far away from dessert. Of the lot…I guess I’d go with the Great Depression Cake, but truly…I’m with Alan.

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    Ruth – I would have to say you are absolutely right!

  • Hazel

    I have made tomato soup cake for over 40 years my family and freinds love it. My mother-law give me this recipe. It has a cream cheese frosting the soup is really for moisture you don’t taste the tomato in it.

  • Elizabeth

    I think you should all keep an open mind (or mouth) While these don’t necessarly sound great, you might be suprized. I have even heard of a saurkraut cake, (though I admit to not trying it) and an eggless, flourless, sugarless cake.. Also the “salad dressing” cake is a mayonaise cake and has been around at least 50 years, so someone likes it.

  • Sue

    I love Tomato Soup cake. My mother made this and I’m going to try this recipe. I still can’t make it the way she did.

  • shelia

    Each to his own, don’t you think.

  • Lynn

    I found a recipe in a book once for a cake that called for Louisana Hot Sauce. Had to try it. It was as awful as it sounds! lol

  • http://r4l MariJo

    I’ve told my 5 kids, as I am sure you’re mother told you, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. If you don’t like the way the cake sounds, change the name. I personally don’t always tell my kids what’s in something if it is likely to get a negative response-Why name it after an objectionable ingredient? Mix, bake, bite…then decide.

  • Sherry

    My grandma made the salad dressing cake.. if it is the miracle whip recipe that is,and it was my favorite. I have never been able to make it taste like hers but I keep trying. It had cream cheese frosting and she served her home canned pears on the side.. heavenly



  • Sharon

    I’m with the have eaten it all my life and love it group, as far as the Tomato Soup Cake. I will admit it raises some eyebrows when the name is mentioned, but if you call it a spice cake, it is accepted, and loved, especially with the cream cheese icing.

  • Mary

    Miracle Whip cake was a favorite when i was a kid. It is rich, chocolatey and very moist.
    My husband’s favorite dessert is chocolate cake and he loves this recipe!

  • http://Recipes4Living Linda Ervin

    I have tried Tomato Soup Cake, Salad Dressing Cake, and the Great Depression Cake and
    my whole family liked them all. My mother found the Salad Dressing Cake when I was small
    in the newspaper when it was new.

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