How do I drink Justice? or, Odds n’ Ends

I have Jury Duty on Friday.

On the one hand, I’m a little excited, because Jury Duty is part of being a Real Adult and a Productive Citizen; on the other hand, oh, god, I’m going to listen to people debate traffic law for eight hours. It’s times like these I wish I’d spent my geek money on something a bit more portable than the hulking gaming brick currently sitting at my doorstep (yes, I’ve been checking Amazon Shipping all day).

But something struck me as I pondered my inevitable boredom: what kind of drink can I write about after being in Jury Duty all day? What epitomizes our justice system in a single glass of booze? I’m at a loss. Maybe something interminable, like an unpleasantly strong bitter cocktail that takes a million wincing sips to finish; something somehow flawed but still better than a lot of things, like a really good mixer missing one ingredient; something blind, like, uh, wood alcohol? I can’t decide. I hope one of you has a suggestion.

Oh, and in other news, eating food might kill us. Yes, again. Fortunately for those of you affected by the recall, we’ve got plenty of chicken burger recipes like this one to tide you over until all the germs go away. Bagged salad and spinach lovers are currently on probation.

Lastly: what should I eat to christen my new car? I’m thinking black bean quesadillas, because my car is black and looks delicious.

-Jim is somewhat random today, isn’t he?

  • gilli

    It could be something as descriptive maybe a little boring…but how about Black Beauty!!!!
    Never have done Jury duty…a shot of tequila might help.

  • chip_wilson

    tequilla is nice….but i think you need something a little more american

    i hear sam adams is always a good decision….and it has an american feel to it

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