Your Weekly Libation: Girlier and Girlier

Okay, I can defend my love of cider, and I can defend my get-ya-drunk fruity drinks, but this…this…

I’m gonna drink a German Chocolate Martini this weekend, and I am ashamed. I think I have to re-apply for my masculinity. Fortunately, I keep an extra license under the bed.

Why haven’t I tried it yet? Well, to be honest, the liquor cabinet at Casa del Jim isn’t too well-stocked in the best of times, and with other things occupying my attention this week I didn’t have time to hit the store and pick up any new and interesting booze. But I promise next week I’ll recommend a drink I know I love, rather than one I think I’ll love.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


  • Crabby McSlacker

    Good thing I AM a girl, because that actually sounds kind of tasty.

    Also sounds like the kind of drink with a very low pukability threshold. I’m thinking similar to a white russian. (So I was only 19 at the time, but I still can’t even smell a white russian without feeling queasy).

  • Tammy

    I’ll toast you with the girly pear wine I’ll be sampling this evening.

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