Cue that “Ascent of Man” theme from the beginning of 2001.

That, my friends, is a soda cooling comfortably atop a CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller. a fun little doodad that plugs into your computer’s USB port and quickly uses a (mildly annoying) fan to cool a metal plate, upon which you rest the beverage of your choice. Lest you think I’m nerdy enough to buy something like this, I will note that while I probably am it was “re-gifted” to me by a friend just before he moved away, perhaps so whenever I sipped a soda during a 3 AM Halo game I’d think of him.

It seems to work, in a limited capacity, because the bottom of my Diet Coke was colder than the rest of it. Unfortunately the same could not be said for my cup of water (not pictured), but maybe styrofoam doesn’t take to the cooling plate quite so well as aluminum. Of course, my data’s all flawed since I bought the Diet Coke cold from a vending machine, but this only means more experimentation and an excuse to drink even more soft drinks! Perhaps I’ll turn it into a Weekly Libation project and cool some beer or vodka, too.

Geekery has never been so delicious. Now if only that fan hummed instead of buzzed…

Technology is so fun. I can’t wait til there’s a USB-powered hotplate to keep my bagel bites warm while I write the next Great American Novel.

-Jim worked out last night!

  • Chip

    congrats on working out…….come awn

    Do I get an invite to join the worlds united blogers?

    its probly best if I’m not though… if the blog’s site doesn’t end in “.com” like this one I tend to see it as less intelligent and a waste of the never ending space on the internet

  • robin

    That’s the most ridiculous thing in the world. And by ridiculous I mean “I NEED ONE NOW!”

  • gilli

    I love your workout video…Get Down!!!!!
    I have a wine chiller… it’s equally as useless.
    Roll on useless inventions.

  • Marleigh

    Awesome! I’ve always wanted one of the USB beverage warmers. I forget to drink my coffee sometimes while I’m typing and it gets cold much too fast…

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