Thoreau had it right

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

That’s what we’re after. Why do we scrap cooking that delicious and healthy chicken dinner and order out instead? Cooking is time-consuming and messy. What makes us gobble up potato chips instead of eating some grapes? Chips are easier. Why do we drive to the grocery store half a mile away when walking through the farmer’s market would be better? Well, walking is so much fuss…

People crave simplicity. Sliced bread hit it big because suddenly you didn’t need to take a knife and hack through a thick and disagreeable crust; one-minute rice reigns supreme because it cooks in a freaking minute; people eat fast food abominations because it’s easier than cooking real food and fills you up just as much.

Snack foods are especially problematic, a big factor in which is what I’d like to call the Poppability Index. Many of the healthiest snacks you can eat aren’t very high on this index, and as you go lower on the Poppability Index there’s a corresponding rise in Lazyassocity, resulting in more crud consumed and more healthy food ignored.

The edamame above, though…they’re as easy to prepare as Maruchan ramen, but unlike that solid block of MSG and sodium, they’ve got real nutritional value and remain pretty low-cal and, here’s a big one, they’re as fun to eat as potato chips. They’re, in a word, poppable.

Create more poppable health food, and you will change the world. You’re inventive cooks, people…get on it.

-Jim walked to lunch today!

  • Maxine

    I always keep a bag of Trader Joe’s edamame in my freezer for snack time. They also make a great (and easy!) appetizer for company!

  • Chip

    Poppability Index….Lazyassocity? it all sounds very scientific but i’m going to need to see some sort of scale

    “health food….never very high to begin with at 8…but now look at it…2!….im chaffing with fatness”

  • Crabby McSlacker

    “Lazyassosity?” I like it!

    Way to go walking to lunch. Food tastes better after a bit of a hike too. Which reminds me, I need to get my ass out the door too–got out of the habit of noon walks when the weather was so hot, but no excuse today. Time to boogie.

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