Sucks to be us(A)

So we all know by now that My Country ’tis of Thee is getting unbelievably fat. Even I, with my guilty nods towards nutrition and growing obsession with low-cal, low-fat versions of some of my favorite foods (low-fat butter? How does that even WORK?), currently have a Body Mass Index of 29…just barely below the obesity line.

But you know what? If I’m expected to cook, clean up after cooking, get some exercise in, and hold down a full time job being the most awesome food blogger/recipe site editor on the Internets, I’m gonna need a pocket universe where I can get some more time. I considered walking to lunch today, even hovering just outside the door, but then realized I’d lose fifteen minutes of my precious hour-long break hoofing it back and forth. Immediately I hustled over to my aging Pontiac and, contrary to my own article’s advice, drove the short hop to buy my turkey and swiss.

I’d like to think my eating habits are improving (even if I do visit Ron of Japan far, far too often), but unless I can couple that with an increase in physical activity, I’m sunk. Same goes for the rest of this overfed country. When I was in Japan, it was easy to be active; everywhere was public-transit, every trip involved a walk, and if you really wanted to splurge, you rode a bicycle to class.

I couldn’t help but feel weird when I got back and immediately entered a car outside of LAX. I hadn’t ridden inside a private automobile in four months. Had I known I would be doing so every single day for three years following, maybe I would have stayed another semester.

So, to use business terminology, I’ve got two Action Items for myself this week:

1) Walk to lunch, you lazy lump.
2) Go for a nightly jog, or kiss your shrimp slathered in egg sauce goodbye.

I suggest everyone else consider doing this, too. We need to start a trend!

-Jim feels healthier already

  • Kelly

    I finally threw in the towel on the idea that I would ever be able to commit to a regular exercise program, so I’m trying to make the same changes you are — small but consistent ways to make my regular routine more active.

    So now I ride the bus to work three days a week, sometimes walking to the next bus stop up or getting off one stop early (and I live in the South, where using public transportation isn’t the norm).

    I also ride my bike to the neighborhood grocery store if I only need to pick up a few things.

    Baby steps, you know.

  • robin

    I started waking up to go to the gym before work for a while, but then I got a cold (a cold that I’m nursing for all it’s worth), so there’s my excuse.

  • Crabby McSlacker

    Hey good for you!

    And don’t get discouraged if nightly jogging doesn’t persist beyond a few days–that’s pretty ambitious. (I know, you’re a Guy and Take it Easy warnings are pretty much futile, but I’m a gal so feel compelled to issue one anyway). If you start walking at lunch and jog a few nights a week that’s awesome.

  • Lisa Cate

    I’m all for keeping in good physical shape (don’t get me wrong) but too much attention is being given to such things as ‘BMI’ when BMI leaves President Bush as ‘overweight’ and well muscled men as ‘obese’. Muscles are more compacted weight than fat is. Are you well muscled or fat? Look at yourself in a mirror without clothes on or minimal dressed. More excercize helps get that fat off, but losing muscle just to get to a ‘politically correct’ BMI would leave you in worse health. Forget BMI and excercize for better health. Once you’re in good healthy shape you’ll enjoy your excercize time more. Walking is good, but it’s more fun to add various ‘playing’ into your excercize to keep it from getting you bored into quitting. Maybe bicycling or swimming?

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