Solar-Powered Ovens

While meeting Morimoto (ok, yes I will relate everything back to meeting him – I’m still excited!) I also had the privilege to see what a Sun Oven looked like firsthand. While it was rather strange that a Sun Oven solicitor just walked right into the event, I have to admit I was intrigued. Oh and on a sidenote, please excuse the poor angle on this photo. That was the closest I could get.

Anyway, this metal contraption is selling itself on a mission: to fix the world’s deforestation problems. The people over at Sun Ovens International claim that not only does their invention (or their product, not sure if it was their original idea) conserve energy by using solar power, it saves wood and charcoal.

So, my question to you is, would you buy a sun oven? Does it seem practical to you? At first impression, it doesn’t so much fit my efficiency needs…but kudos to Sun Ovens for trying!

But then, as I peruse through the Internet, I find people like Mindy who claim Sun Ovens are Wonderful and can cook 50 loaves of bread in a half an hour. Am I wrong about their efficiency? Maybe so, but I’ll need more proof than that. (Hint hint: Maybe you should address efficiency Sun Ovens International.)

Others market their solar-powered oven products for emergency situations. Ok fine, I’ll buy that (not literally, I’m not purchasing one…) Your thoughts?

-Hillary, back to work after an amazing holiday of symbolic foods
Editor, Recipe4Living

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  • Deborah Dowd

    I have seen these and I wondered about using them when camping, but then I saw how expensive they are! In an emergency (like when Hurrican Isabelle left us without power for 14 days), baking something is the last thing you are thinking about!

    P.S. You met Morimoto! I have Iron chef envy!

  • Hillary

    I didn’t even think about using one for camping, but yea, that might be a fairly expensive camping accessory.

  • Harshil

    How much do these ovens cost generally?

  • Hillary

    Harshil, I’ve seen most of them priced at $249. So it’s not that it’s more than a regular oven, but they’re not necessarily cheap either.

  • Jacob

    you can make one realy cheap and easy

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