Your Weekly Libation: The Super Mai Tai

Tomorrow night, something wonderful is going to happen.

I’m going to a magical place, full of men in strange hats and indoor streams. Pretty ladies sing to you in foreign tongues, and they cook your food right on the table. Then you eat it–with sticks!

Thassright, my peoples, tomorrow night I’m going to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland Ron of Japan! As a precursor to the drunken revelry that’s sure to occur as I watch the Bears beat the football pants off the Chiefs at Soldier Field this Sunday, we’re having some more drunken revelry the night before at everyone’s favorite greasy, unhealthy, absolutely delicious teppanyaki restaurant. And while there, we’ll be sure to imbibe at least a few Super Mai Tais.

These things are delectable–and they are dangerous. I’ve tried to approximate the amount of alcohol used by Ron’s bartender in the recipe, but I’ll grill them for more exact measurements tomorrow. Suffice to say: you only need one or two to have a good night, and as a bonus, the doubled ingredients really intensify the flavor.

Have a good weekend!

-Jim reminds you all to always drink responsibly.

  • Crabby McSlacker

    I will skip an attempted Tai One On pun because that’s too much effort, but I’m glad to hear you’re feeling well enough to brave the potent beverage! Hope you have a (responsibly) awesome and (responsibly) silly (responsibly) drunken revel that puts the pink back in your cheeks without knocking you on your ass the next day.

    And don’t let any little umbrellas or plastic monkeys poke you in the eye!

  • gilli


    I am so pleased you are punishing yourself on our behalf. Mai Tai is a great drink.but you are only allowed maximum of 2… We have banned them on the boat though. there was a transformation after drink 3 from a jolly friendly happy go lucky, singing dancing group into a pack of possums, yellow eyes, hissing and scratching…ending up with tears of course.
    And to top it off a very large hangover in the morning.
    Another good drink which must be contained -Black Russians…by the way no coke in them please.
    So keep on with the trials please.
    Is Ron of Japan like Benihana?

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