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Blah. Yawn, sigh, and furthermore, meh.

I’m having One of Those Weeks. You know, the ones infested with the Poor-Mes and the Blahs and, if I hadn’t been shivering in bed, The Mondays–basically the least interesting week about which to blog ever.  But I can’t just leave you with nothing, so here’s a few links I find fascinating:

Is Halal Meat Halal? (Or, Why Should I Care About a Cow?)
I was linked here from Tigers and Strawberries, itself a site which recommends spiritual connection to food, and found Heather Irwin’s explanation of Halal fascinating. Being a rather lapsed Catholic (meat on fridays, yo!) myself, I’ve always considered religious dietary restrictions like Halal and Kosher to be puzzling, but what impressed me about Heather’s entry was the fact that adhering to such a system makes you think much more about what you’re eating. Sure, it may not always be fun, but if it deepens your connection to and appreciation for the food that sustains you, there’s gotta be something to it!

An Experiment in Brooklyn-Style Subsistence Farming
New York’s Manny Howard details the sad, strange saga of his attempt to eat really, really local–by, y’know, growing all his food in his backyard. The amount of work and money sunk into his crops is heartbreaking, given that a tornado destroys most of them within the first paragraph, but there’s a sort of beauty to it, too, particularly when he describes his first bite of backyard-raised chicken.

“Sealed crustless sandwich” Wikipedia Entry
Did you know that Smucker’s patented Uncrustables? And that critics have used the patent as an example of why the patent system’s a trainwreck? And that Smuckers tried to sue a Michigan food store for selling something similar? Apparently they really want that “creepy frozen white bread sandwich” market share.

Oh, on another note, I found a promising recipe for homemade graham crackers. The Dunkaroo plan is one step closer to fruition! Mwa-ha-ha!

-Jim is interesting most of the time, right?

  • Steamy Kitchen

    I love Tigers and Strawberries blog too! She’s such an inspiration and I’ve bought many of the books that she has recommended. Currently listening to “Animal Vegetable Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver.

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