On Comfort

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This week is a little hard for everyone’s favorite libation-swigging, plane-hopping, Pankegg-eating blogger; I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say last night I found myself pretty down.

Because my friends are the best friends ever, I spent most of the night eating bad Chinese food (seriously, how can you make “spicy” beef so bland, even if your sesame chicken is awesome) and trying to Be Strong while we watched cartoons about giant robots; the grand finale of the “cheer up Smylie” plan, however, was a field trip to my beloved Oberweis for some much-needed ice cream.

Which failed, because despite what I insist every time we go Oberweis Dairy is not open until 11 PM. I banged on the still-lit windows, crying out “Please! I need this!” But the fresh-faced employees inside were unsympathetic and perhaps a little terrified, so we wound up hitting the nearby 24-hour grocery store instead.

This proved to be a good idea, because I soon found myself staring down at an open pint of Haagen-Dazs’ Vanilla Bean ice cream. And let me tell you, no fancy-shmancy dessert could have tasted better last night than some really really good vanilla ice cream. Every bite was a soothing, melty reminder that Life Goes On, and Everything Is Going to Be Okay. What is it about comfort food? You’d think the further into misery you seek the more you’d want to throw yourself into culinary excess, hitting up the fanciest restaurants and sampling the widest variety of flavors, but when it comes down to brass tacks you usually end up with a bowl full of chili or a big plain ice cream cone. Not that I think vanilla is plain by any means, mind you (the people who claim otherwise are probably Communists), but still, it was amazing that something so easy could soothe me so much.

Unfortunately, that pint of ice cream remains in my friend’s freezer, and at the moment Life is most definitely not Going On, so until I make it back to that friend’s place I’ll have only memories to keep me at my normal happy-go-lucky baseline.

I wonder how quickly I can get there in traffic.

-Jim doesn’t even like One is the Loneliest Number

  • Melissa

    I can have some nice matzo ball soup made by this evening if you need to supplement the ice cream….

  • JEP

    I have always wanted to try the vanilla bean flavor–I think today might be just the day for a pint!

  • http://crankyfitness.blogspot.com Crabby McSlacker

    Well bummer that you’re in need of comfort food, however pleasurable a good bowl of vanilla ice cream might be. (I however, must add some sort of chocolate sauce for it to be truly comforting).

    Hope the weekend helps and that this next week is a better one… perhaps we’ll have to play food detective and take note of whether you’re posting about comfort carbs or festive cocktails. (And good for you that you turn to ice cream instead of cocktails under duress–cocktails seem a much better choice for celebration than consolation).

  • http://www.foodonthefood.com Tammy

    I’m pretty sure I’d still be weeping in a college dorm somewhere if it weren’t for Ben and Jerry.

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