Introducing the Monthly Mouthful

We, here at Chew on That, would like to introduce a new series that we like to call the Monthly Mouthful! Each month we will be surveying some of our favorite food bloggers, like we did in our Last Supper post, asking both difficult and fun questions.

For September, we asked: “If you could declare a national food holiday, what would it be and why?”

All sorts of answers came in from generic food days to celebratory days of cheese or eggs. Needless to say, they were a ton of fun to read, so without further adieu…

Here are this month’s answers!

Lydia from The Perfect Pantry:

Rather than singling out any particular food (National Chocolate Bar Day?) or trend (National Eat Local Day), I think I’d create National Try a New Recipe Day. Often when we cook for ourselves, or for friends or family or special occasions, we stick to the same repertoire over and over. I’m sure my own list of go-to dishes doesn’t exceed a few dozen. With the abundance of cookbooks, web sites, and…yes…food blogs offering recipes from every corner of the world, it would be easy to find something new-to-you to make on this national holiday.

Jennifer from Last Night’s Dinner:

Wow, this is a tough one – I’m a complete dork for cheese of any kind, so my first reaction would be a holiday celebrating cheese (and hopefully schooling people about what REAL American cheese is!) – but as you know I have been obsessed with tomatoes lately, so perhaps a National Tomato Day. Everyone should know the experience of tasting a fresh, ripe tomato, still warm from the sun and grown in local soil. :o)

Maki from Just Hungry:

I think there should be a national food holiday for cheese. Almost every country has some kind of cheese. It’s a noble food, and the best are still lovingly crafted by dedicated artisans. They and their product should be celebrated.

Conversely, plastic cheese and artificially fat-reduced cheese, like that atrocity that calls itself ‘low-fat Swiss’, should burn (on plastic bread) in hell.

Tina from The Wandering Eater:

A national food holiday that I would like is Macaroon Day. I know it’s a French cookie and all but there’s a certain je nai se quois that a macaroon will take a person who eats the perfect macaroon. The thin, crisp outer crust meets the soft, slightly chewy inner cookie with the creamy filling (and it has to be proportionate to the cookie). It will send the eater to bliss and will feel forever enlightened by that cookie.

Leslie from I Eat I Shoot I Post:

We should dedicate a National Food Holiday in honor of the most humblest of food!

The EGG.

Can you imagine a world without eggs?
When Bird Flu struck, we could not get eggs anywhere. Suddenly, fried rice wasn’t very nice. You could not get any omelettes, no sunny side ups, no boiled eggs to go with your salads, no cakes, no french toasts, no creme caramel, etc etc. When you are out camping and its cold, just imagine a campfire and the smell of fried eggs! Imagine going on a holiday and having buffet breakfast at the resort hotel and there were no eggs!

So let’s declare a National Holiday for the world’s most understated food which we all cannot do without!

Tammy from Food on the Food:

Sausage Appreciation Day

For one day, it’s all about the humble forcemeat. A day to celebrate the deliciously misunderstood sausage. It’s not just scraps, people. It’s scraps plus all sorts of other yummy stuff. In fact, it should be more than a day. Hot dogs have the whole month of July. Sausages deserve at least a long weekend. And all of the sausage carts at all of the ballparks (especially Fenway) in the whole country (including Canada) will give out free sausages (except to Yankees fans, and Canadians). And all manner of vulgar sausage jokes are fair game, so that maybe my husband will get it out of his system for the whole rest of the year.

Carol from French Laundry at Home:

I get to declare a national food holiday? Awesome. How about National Suck It Up and Try Something You Think You Won’t Like Because You Actually Might Like it So Quit Complaining and Wrinkling Your Nose You Big Annoying Scaredy Cat, Sheesh Day?

More often than not, I get invited to dinner at someone’s home or in a restaurant and there’s always ONE PERSON who just turns up his or her nose at EVERYTHING because it’s not a microwaved Lean Cuisine, a can of Campbell’s soup, or something equally as boring and processed. Also? People who eat only a frakkin’ grilled chicken breast sandwich or lame-ass chicken caesar salad at every restaurant they go to. They’re afraid to try anything new or different. And I’m not leaving out people who think they have such refined palates so they simply cannot think about trying soul food or a chili dog from a street vendor. So, on National Suck It Up and Try Something You Think You Won’t Like Because You Actually Might Like it So Quit Complaining and Wrinkling Your Nose You Big Annoying Scaredy Cat, Sheesh Day, everyone would have to eat things they’ve never tried before… or maybe tried as a kid or teenager and didn’t like, but might enjoy now. Only eat Johnny Marzetti at the company cafeteria? Try some grilled fish or ratatouille. Is foie gras your main source of protein? Have a dirty water dog. Fall back on a caesar salad every time you go out for lunch? Mix it up — have the endive, walnut, apple and bacon salad. It’s important to be culinarily adventurous, because life is too boring otherwise.

Ruth from Once Upon A Feast:

If I had my way, I’d have a different food holiday every day of the year! I guess you really only want one though…Seafood – I know it’s a broad category, but there’s nothing that can wear as many changes of clothes as shrimp or crab or lobster or…well, you get the idea. I always have shrimp in the freezer for that last minute guest for dinner or when I don’t know what I want.

Why? Nothing is tastier or easier to prepare….Farfalle with Shrimp & Garlic Breadcrumbs anyone? Ready in 15 minutes! Or…try Shrimp & Chorizo Sausages over rice or in an omelet.

Anna from Sunday Night Dinner:

I would so dearly love to say something horrifically sophisticated like, “Pate With Truffles Day” or “Day of Geranium Sorbet Covered with Chocolate… on a Stick.” Those things sound like they are worthy of a holiday. But not for me. I choose to celebrate ice cream. It makes me happy, every single time. It makes everyone happy, and is thus deserving of its very own day. It is comforting yet decadent, simple yet easily elevated, smooth yet (potentially) chunky, solid yet close to liquid… I’ll stop. For its ability to smooth out a bad day, to raise a good day to fantastic, and to make me smile (ok, grin), I hereby enter my nomination of “National Ice Cream Day.”

Luisa from The Wednesday Chef:

August 1st would be declared National Tomato Appreciation Day and people of the land, far and wide, would celebrate by eating nothing but warm, fragrant summer tomatoes in all their glory, all day long.

Radish from Sassy Radish:

I think you’ll get a lots of chocolate responses and while I love my chocolate as much as the next food addict, i think that there’s not enough credit and representation given to Russian food out there. Sure, you have plenty of Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean, and other “ethnic” restaurants out there, but even in areas with plenty of Russian representation, Russian food is still a bit of a mystery, even to those who pride themselves on trying new foods.

Therefore, I think it’s my duty to nominate National Beets, Herring, Pelmeni & Smoked Fish (and Beer with Smoked Fish) Day – while it’s quite a long name, I had to represent some of the tastiest things I associate with Russian cooking. I could go on and on and list more dishes, but that would a long holiday to remember for people – and they’ll get annoyed and not celebrate it out of spite.

Thank you for working with a delinquent root vegetable :o)

Let us know what food holiday YOU would declare!

If you were not contacted for this month’s Monthly Mouthful and would like to participate in next month’s, please e-mail us at

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