Your Weekly Libation: Under-21 Edition

In a surreal twist, despite the excellent boozing I did in Vegas last weekend, the drink that impressed me most had no alcohol in it. That’s right, not one drop! I was in the Venetian’s bakery (open ’til 1 AM, which is a fantastic idea, by the way) Friday afternoon when I saw a fascinating bottle:

That’s right, rhubarb soda, in this case made by Dry Sodas. Now, we all know how much I love dry cider, but a dry soda? Intrigued, I bought two bottles and took them up to my room, where my buddies and I spent fifteen minutes trying to find a bottle opener We all had bottle openers on our pocketknives, but of course those were back in Chicago. Damn you, completely logical air safety laws!

So: how was it? In a word…interesting. I’ve never had a soft drink so dry in my life, nor one with such a pronounced rhubarb flavor. The taste kind of crackled on my tongue–took some getting used to, but by the next day I was sipping another bottle gleefully, my body perhaps thrilled to encounter something non-alcoholic during the trip. In the end it’s quite refreshing, and very different from any other soda I’ve ever imbibed.

As for why it belongs in a heretofore cocktail-only list: I bet it would be outstanding with vodka. Or possibly some gin!

So if any of you folks see this in your local late-night bakery (seriously, why don’t we have more of those?), be sure to pick up a bottle or two. What you mix it with from then on is your own business.

-Jim wonders how many of these recipes he could cook and eat in a row before, uh, dying

  • marye

    rhubarb soda? Interesting.
    Thanks for visiting the blog….I personally can cook and eat at least through # 43 without dying but I have had alot of practice.

  • joan

    Thanks for the Weekly Libation. I am not under 21 but far on the other side However, I do not drink alcohol and find it refreshing (in many ways) when I discover drinks that are good and fulfilling sans the buzz. Look forward to more interesting options.

  • Crabby McSlacker

    This indeed sounds intriguing! But I have quite a sweet tooth, so would probably take a sip, declare it too dry, then desecrate it by dumping a little sugar or (gasp) even Splenda in.

    (And yes, I realize there should be a law against me visiting and commenting at foodie blogs. )

  • Karen Thompson

    I love Rhubarb!!!! My mother had it in her veggie garden growing up in Roselle,NJ.
    She used to make a pudding like desert out of it.Can’t remembe how she did that either.Darn!
    Can’t wait to see if I can find this.

  • gilli

    One of those Absolut flavoured vodkas could go well with the rhubarb soda.
    I have just bought a Pear Absolut in Duty free shop. Apple and rhubarb go well so I reckon pear and rhubarb…pretty good…now i just have to get a bottle of that soda.
    Probably a bit hard from the Southern Hemisphere.
    Hey I was very thrilled to look at the Baking delights site.What a wonderful selection of goodies.


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