Trio of Salads

So there I was yesterday, wandering around Trader Joe’s as I often do after work, waiting for dinner’s inspiration to come to me. I had had a big lunch and wanted something lighter for dinner, and with the temperature breaking a very humid 90 degrees in Chicago, I didn’t want anything too heavy. In fact, I wanted to avoid turning on the oven at all costs.

When R called to see what was for dinner, I was standing in front of the cheese section (oh, glorious cheese section!) and reported, “I don’t know… but probably something involving goat cheese.” So I picked up a log of goat cheese and a ball of fresh mozzarella and soon the gears in my brain were whirring. I’ll let you in on my train of thought…

That ripe tomato at home would be perfect with the mozzarella. Great. Instant caprese. But I should probably have some protein… no chicken, tofu would be weird… what about beans? OH! What about that chickpea salad that Molly at Orangette always raves about?


I knew that reading the food blogs would pay off someday.

At home, I began to prepare my trio of salads: caprese, chickpea and greens. But when I went to reference Molly’s recipe, I realized I had forgotten a crucial ingredient: Parmesan! Let this be a lesson to us all: never doubt yourself when hovering around an extensive cheese section – always buy the cheese! Nevertheless, the chickpeas were already drained and the lemon was already squeezed so, figuring there was nothing to lose, I crumbed some goat cheese atop the salad.

It turned out not to be a terrible choice. The creamy texture of the goat cheese actually went well with the crunch of the chickpeas, but I can definitely see how Parmesan would be a better choice. (Molly, please forgive me for butchering Brandon’s recipe!) But I did love the salad and can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch today.

All in all it was quite the satisfying meal. True, there may have been a bit too much cheese on the plate by a nutritionist’s standards, but clearly, that didn’t bother me.

  • Sarah

    Wow Max! Your picture looks delightful however you know I dislike Goat Cheese but I must say, “R” is a lucky person to have shared this meal with you!

  • Hillary

    It looks so pretty put together like that! Nice job :)

  • Elizabeth Diamond (Liz)

    Just a thought for people that don’t like goat cheese, sorry Molly, try some cottage cheese, I like the small curd, but for a salad like this maybe the large would be better. I would have also cut the pieces of mozzarella alittle smaller and sprinkled bacon bits all over everything, and also added some apple slices, for a light fruity dessert of sorts. I know I just slaughtered the entire recipe, I have a habit of doing that, but the results usually come out pretty good.

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