Foolish Assumptions I Have Made, vol. 2132

A club sandwich on wheat bread from Jimmy John’s must be healthy. Put some low-fat mayo on there and you can eat the whole thing guiltlessly. Tomatoes, lettuce, bean sprouts–it’s like a salad!

Never mind the roast turkey, five strips of bacon, and the wheat bread that somehow has more empty calories than their white bread.


What silly-to-stupid assumptions do you guys make about the foods you eat? Surely I can’t be the only one who’s connected some pieces of lettuce to Nutrition!!! at least once in my life.

  • chip wilson

    the wheat is worse than their white?!!?!….that defies all the rules of bread

    i consider myself a pretty smart eater and dont try to kid myself into thinking im eating healthy when im not. But there was one item that i knew was “less than healthy” but turned out to be the equivelent of eating a heart attack. And since i ate one almost every day for highschool lunch I was not so happy when i actually took the time to read the label.

    the item- Hostess’s apple pie…and its 45% of your daily value in sat. fats

    you can eat the thing in like 5 bites…how is that even possable….and its pie—most of its fruit….and following your logic jim…if it has fruit in it…it must bed good for you…..apples even…whats healthier than an apple?!!

  • Crabby McSlacker

    I used to be a regular sandwich eater but I finally figured out that I don’t like ‘em all that much without a big dollop of mayo and some tasty white bread like sourdough or foccacia. So if I’m going to have to use up a spurge just to have a damn sandwich I can halfway enjoy, I’d rather just skip it most days. So instead, I’ll opt for a nice juicy cheeseburger every few months and really enjoy the hell out of it.

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