Erin Go Bragh

Well this is my last day in New York. Saturday, I fly home to Indiana, spend a little time in Mexico with my family (including the precious rugrats), and then I am off to Ireland at the end of September. Ooohh man, I am looking forward to the food in Mexico. I plan on grilling something that I catch over the course of the week (hopefully snapper or grouper). Perhaps I will try Cuban-hand-lining again to catch small bonefish in the shallows. Otherwise, I will be hanging a leg off the side of a boat, inhaling the smell of salty seawater, and feeling my own personal peace with the world. (Sorry for the jealous feelings you might be experiencing!)

I also plan on eating a lot of fresh salsa, guacamole, and many, many sopes. (Sopes are not generally carried in many Mexican restaurants in the U.S. it seems, but I love them.) Maybe we will return to Cozumel to repeat the best meal of my life. Although I have fallen in love with many aspects of New York, the energy, the creativity, I just cannot wait to leave the concrete jungle for trees, fresh air, and open spaces. This is how I grew up, the flat fields of Indiana and the occasional trip to the ocean.

Although cold and rainy, Ireland is at least famously green. I hope to join a food co-op in Dublin when I arrive, which is a popular choice for many due to the high price of groceries in the city. Basically, I work for a couple hours a week in exchange for very cheap groceries. I’ve heard some great things about the fresh produce, and I cannot wait to see how Dublin is transforming into a foodie city.

Now, what do I eat for my last night in NYC? Remember, I’m cheap.

  • Stephanie

    I love the recycled countertops! Our counters are butcher block. I have no idea how old they are, but every few years, I sand them down. And about once a month, I rub olive oil into them. I would never actually cut on them, lol, and I’m careful not to place raw foods on them, but I love the look and the natural feel. I know that we’ve sacrificed trees for the countertops — but not for a temporary solution.

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