A germophobe’s dream come true

I went to Once Upon A Grill today to pick up my usual – chicken matzo ball soup and an egg bagel – and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. No, it wasn’t the food that had me surprised, the food is already good enough: it was more the fact that they had a hand sanitizer next to the door on the way in!

Maybe I’m oblivious and they’ve had it there all this time, but if so, I’ve never noticed it before. And if you know the germophobe in me who constantly carries around a miniature bottle of Purell (or whatever generic brand is on hand, I’m not picky) you’d know how much I appreciate something like this! But, I have to say that most of my mysophobic characteristics come from touching door handles, so, if it were my restaurant, I’d move the sanitizer inside the doors. What’s the point of sanitizing your hands if you’re going to touch the door handle right afterwards? Just a thought…

Has anyone else ever seen hand sanitizers in restaurant entrances before? This was my first sighting, and it was a glorious moment. Funny thing is, not a single person I saw walk in or out used it, not even me (I took my food to the office and used my own hand sanitizer before eating it there.) Will they keep it around? I wonder…

-Hillary, excited to go out to dinner with her brother for his 30th! Happy Birthday Stuart!
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • JEP

    I am right there with on the germ phobia thing. I know part of mine stems from working in a hospital. Have not seen sanitizers at restaurants yet, most of the markets have them available. The Recipe4Living is an amazing site–thanks!

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    Thanks JEP! We like it too :)

    Yea, sometimes I reach a point where I become offensive to friends because I don’t want to touch certain things out of fear of germs…And it’s all in my head of course, because I still get sick.

  • JDebs

    I’m so happy to see there is another egg bagel fan out there!! I have noticed hand sanitizers at the front of grocery stores-but I have not noticed them popping up in restaurants yet. I, too, carry around my own mini Purell. Perhaps Americans will one day adopt the Japanese custom of cleansing our hands with hot towels before every meal. That would surely solve some of your germaphobic fears!

  • http://chewonthatblog.com Hillary

    I would LOVE it if I was given a hot towel before every meal I eat!

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