Waste Not

As an office drone from sector 7-G, I routinely find myself tossing away styrofoam cups. Pretty much everyone is well aware that these cups just plain stink for the environment, with recycling efforts meeting minimal success. I felt bad after throwing away my bajillionth cup, so instead I started collecting them–and leaving myself messages a hell of a lot more effective than post-its on a cubicle.

What do you do with your non-recyclables?

  • chip

    tear them up….that way it doesnt look as wasteful

  • http://www.shantanughosh.com Traveller

    Heh! I like it, but don’t think that will scale. :-)

    I live in India, where everything ends up being recycled in the most interesting ways. I have seen old CDs being used as reflectors in auto-rickshaws (a three wheeled taxi), for example.

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Sarah

    Ha! This is hilarious! I look at these on your desk for five days a week and wonder what else you could do with these. Great idea!

    I have to admit, I however throw them away since I have no clue what to write on them like you do.

  • http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com Claire Walter

    I live in Boulder, CO, one of the recycling capitals of the universe. We don’t have a bottle/can deposit policy; people just recycle — except for the fast fooderies that are beyond contempt anyway. All local coffee shops encourage people to bring and refill their own insulated mugs for takeout coffee. Vendors in the food section of the local farmers’ market all use commercially compostable materials (even forks, spoons, etc), and volunteers are posted at all the trash/recycling areas to make sure that no one messes up and also to answer “where does this go?” questions. In addition to curbside paper/cardboard and co-mingled metal/glass/plastic, we have a “Hard to Recycle” center where we can take other stuff, from drycleaner bags to block styrofoam to worn-out tennis shoes to electronics components.

  • http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com Claire Walter

    P.S. Other than the fast food joints, coffee shops serve take-out coffee in coated cardboard not styrofoam — for those who don’t bring their own to be filled.

  • yomama

    im going to collect all the styrofoam cups
    when i get home and burn them

  • gettin down in da hood

    Claire Walter talks too much

  • getto mama sexy thang

    u is gay

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