But I am Le Hungry

This past weekend was my *tear* last weekend in New York. As such, J* and I each picked a day and planned something especially fun as a surprise to each other. On Saturday, he drove us out to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey. With exhibits like “Skyscrapers” and “Eat and Be Eaten,” oh man, that place is too much fun. We played and took advantage of every interactive screen for roughly 6-7 hours. Yep, I am not exaggerating. The only unpleasant thing was the woman walking around with a giant beetle in one exhibit, surprisingly people. I literally screamed and ran across the room as the little kids laughed at me. I don’t like giant bugs thank you!!

On Sunday, I really wanted to enjoy brunch for the first time EVER in Manhattan. (I usually just cook.) At around noonish, we went for brunch at the famous Prune. Unfortunately, the wait was 1 1/2-2 hours, and not having thought to grab a pre-brunch snack, I was too hungry to wait. We wandered over to a cozy little place called, hilariously enough, Le French Diner. Now J* has a definite thing for French food. When we met and he found out I like to cook, he proudly informed me of his skill with Bearnaise sauce.

The interior of Le French diner offers three small tables and a short diner counter. Outside, four additional tables expanded the seating options. The exposed brick walls are covered with random art pieces, kitschy little bobbles, photographs of French patrons, and the like. The smell of sweet butter filled the place. The Brunch looked fantastic but we ultimately decided on other options. J* had a Fillet Mignon of Pork with a mushroom cream sauce, and I had a delicious ham and cheese sandwich on a toasted baguette (oh the baguette was sooo perfect) with a cup of zucchini soup. I loved the color of the creamy zucchini soup. I had a nice cafe au lait to finish. I helped J* lick the plate clean of his dish.

The lunch was rich but hit the spot on a rather rainy day. Now, what do I eat on my last three days in New York???

-Caley, craving a toasty baguette

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    Oh that bowl is gorgeous! I love apples and tomatoes. Love them.

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