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For many reasons, I’m having the best day ever. Here’s one:

Jim went to the bakery to buy  these amazing doughnuts, and not only did he return with doughnuts for all, but he brought back two different kinds of rugalach for me to try – chocolate cinnamon and berry with powdered sugar. I once shared my rugalach with him and he was trying to repay me the favor. Whilst completely unnecessary, very thoughtful, and exceedingly appreciated, I do have to say that I derived more pleasure out of sharing my rugalach in the first place. But still, my already amazing day was beyond made, and I hadn’t even bitten into any of it yet.

Sharing food is the best thing in the world. There’s something about seeing others’ reactions to foods you already know and love, especially when they like it. And when they show up with a different variation of this already-loved food, well, that’s what makes the world go ‘round.

There is the food you grow up with, and there is the food you discover along the way. And from the Thai food that I now love and learned about from friends long ago, to my grandma’s cholent that I’ll one day continue to pass on to my family, it shouldn’t surprise you that my imaginary favorite foods list is comprised of both.

Not to get all sentimental on you folks (ok fine, I already have,) but I’m surrounded by very generous people here! Don’t think I’ve forgot about Max’s chocolate bowl that continues to be replenished as soon as it’s emptied by the pick-me-up-hungry employees at our office, or the constant sharing of cookies, cakes or bagels that commences on our breakroom table. It really is the little things in life, and in this case it’s the food!

As for the goods Jim brought back, the insanely light but cakey texture of the warm chocolately doughnut made for one of the best I’ve ever tasted. And the chocolate chips of the rugalach melded perfectly into their berry counterpart creating an amazing powdered-sugar-topped confection. Ok enough of the flowery language, they were just good. Yay for local bakeries and thanks again Jim!

-Hillary, beyond excited to meet Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto!
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • Melissa

    Hillary…you simply must report back about IRONNNNNNN-CHEEEEEEEFFFF Morimoto for the rest of us who’ll be slogging away at work that Friday. *sniffle*

  • Hillary

    Oh believe me Melissa, if ever there was a pre-empted blog post, meeting Iron Chef Morimoto is it!

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