Trader Joe’s

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but yesterday was my first time shopping at Trader Joe’s. I’ve had experience with their products, like I knew they sold the awesome mochi ice cream, but I had never actually been there myself.

I’m not sure what I thought. They definitely had some amazing and unique products (like Indian snacking chips, Casaba melons, and acai jelly) but I thought there would be MORE of a selection than there was. It seems my expectations were built up far too high because I was anticipating a Jewel or Dominick’- sized grocery store of organic, unique and quality foodstuffs, but well, I just found it to be…small.

While I know they hand pick their products for quality, and don’t try to offer every brand known to man, I was missing a few things in my grocery shopping search. It’s probably hit-or-miss sort of situation, but it seemed that everything I was looking for wasn’t there. I wanted a lingonberry spread to make Swedish pancakes at home, and they didn’t have one. I wanted flavored Fage yogurt and they didn’t have that either. I wanted some fresh basil. The list goes on – I could have used more chocolate, more tea, more of a whole bunch of things!

I did, however, come away with some interesting and satisfactory purchases. To name a few, I bought some ginger snaps, chocolate covered blueberries, fage yogurt, matcha latte powder, granola, and of course…mochi ice cream. So far I’ve tried the ginger snaps and they’re delicious!

While their chocolate section was lacking in my opinion, they did have these awesome bricks of Ghirardelli baking chocolate. That was pretty sweet.

Would I go back? Yep! I bet I’ll get addicted to a whole bunch of their products…as if I’m not already (see below.)

UPDATE: I’m fastly becoming addicted to those Ginger Snaps, AND I give the frozen Trader Joe’s meal that I had for lunch an A+.

-Hillary, planning on eating some mango AND green tea mochi tonight
Editor, Recipe4Living

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  • Rosette

    I love very much shopping at Trader Joe’s. I live in Lynchburg, VA, and when I go to Washington, which is once in a while, I never miss visiting TJ. I’m wondering if they will be opening a store close to us in the near future.

  • http://recipe4living dianne wham

    A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine and I went to Trader Joe’s, NW Indianapolis. I had heard about Trader Joe’s, and this was my first time in a store. Wow! I had a ball picking up things I wanted, couldn’t get in my small town. I bought a zippered insulated bag to take home things and keep them cool. I was almost late for my Doctor’s appointment! Wine had been recommended, I too bought six bottles. I found the chocolate in the neat display near the cash registers. Love the (4)boxes of soups, cheeses, bought two kinds of coffee beans to try. On and on, I want to go back. I have an operation scheduled the end of Oct. and I can hardly wait. It is a 4 hour drive from where I live, near Evansville, IN. ( My husband may not like going to Trader Joe’s before I get sliced open.)
    Why can’t we have a Trader Joe’s closer? Please tell the powers that be I am voting for one. Even an hour away would be acceptible. Please!

  • http://Recipe4Living Denise Inman

    I love TJ’s here in Westlake,Ohio. I try to stop there once a week on my home from work. I enjoy the turkey bacon,fresh bread dough, the sauce starters and they carry the best oilve oil.

  • Hillary

    Thanks everyone for the comments. It looks like Trader Joe’s needs to expand a little more!

    I definitely have come to love it more than my first impressions. I just had too high of expectations :)

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  • janet gaines

    Hi, I was trying to get one of the black/red insulated zippered grocery totes….
    I bought a few for friends, but needed one more…
    all the Trader Joe’s are out in San Diego so far as I can tell…they had them last week at one store, but gone when I returned. many thanks if you happen to have another one, or even two.


  • Ashtray

    Too expensive for my blood.

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