I want another smoothie

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I think I constantly have a craving for a smoothie when it’s summer. I just can’t be stopped. Not only do I want one right now, but I had one yesterday.

Actually, I sort of had two yesterday. I was at Jamba Juice and I was waiting for my ordered smoothie when they asked me if I wanted a free sample of one of their new strawberry smoothies (Strawberry Nirvana if you’re curious.) By a sample, they meant 3/4 of a regular sized amount of one of the best smoothies ever. Upon tasting it, I was in heaven, not only because it was a bonus extra smoothie, but it was delicious! It made me not even want the smoothie I ordered…if only they offered before I paid for the mediocre one (I made the mistake of trying a red tea smoothie…just a suggestion: stick to the fruit Jamba.)

Anyway, major props to whoever invented the smoothie (anyone know?) They have inspired many a cup of blended deliciousness, most of which are healthy at that. Not to mention, smoothies are the easiest things to make in the world. All you need is some fruit, some ice cream or sherbert or whatever, and some ice!

Oh, and a blender. Speaking of blenders, let me just make a quick plug for Recipe4Living’s Strawberry Contest: It ends this Sunday (August 19th) so you need to get your entries in ASAP! What’s the prize? A blender! And it’s a nice one too. But you’ve got to impress us because we’ve already had some great entries so far (like this Strawberry Beef Filet and Strawberry Bread.)

I suppose we could also be bribed if you show up at our door with some smoothies…just a thought…

-Hillary, excited to spend the weekend with her niece (oh and her brother and sister-in-law too of course :o)!)
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • JEP

    I am on the hunt for homemade smoothie recipes—hungry for something with a lemon flavor. I recently made a pumpkin concoction—vanilla yogurt, canned pumpkin, a little milk, pumpkin pie spice & sweetened it a bit. I like the yogurt based ones.

  • Danielle Johnson

    I’m so happy our children can now to go Jamba Juice after exercising or playing sports and gorge themselves on false healthy drinks. You’ve made my little Danny obese!

  • linda

    You cannot blame a company for your son getting fat. You are the one who took him there. When I was at Jamba Juice the other day they had the nutritional panthlets available for everyone to see so don’t act all innocent and take some responsability for what you should know. Your now a victim and neither is your son!

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