A Disney World

I’ve seen Mickey Mouse on apple slices. I’ve seen Sponge Square Pants on my carrots. I’ve even seen a Pluto sticker on a peach (ok, that I bought intentionally.) But, what gives?

I don’t know if Disney is trying to make the world its Disney World, but I’ve noticed lately that Disney characters are dominating grocery stores all over – particularly in the vegetable and fruit aisles. Honestly, what does Mickey have to do with apple slices?

I mean, I do understand that it all has to do with marketing and they’re probably just trying to make fruits and vegetables appealing to kids. Parents can now point to Disney Garden products and say “Look sweetie, Mickey Mouse likes apples!” I can just see the behind-the-scenes marketing every time I look at a bag of Sponge Bob Square Pants carrots: “Kids will be nagging their parents for these carrots and the parents will love it!”

But what about us non-kids? I swear to G-d, one time I was grocery shopping, the ONLY mini bags of carrots they had were the Sponge Bob Square Pants ones. So I wound up buying them and now I’m a 22-year-old with Sponge Bob Square Pants carrots at work. Does anyone else find themselves stuck in this situation?

None of this is really the end of the world, but I find it ironic that so many cartoon characters are plastered all over the most natural products on Earth.

-Hillary, admitting that putting Pluto on anything will still work on her
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • JEP

    These marketing & non-marketing “rules” that are coming out get to be crazy! I was reading something today about Nickelodon (spell right?) would restrict their marketing of most characters that promote junk food, etc except on holidays like Valentines.

  • http://chewonthatblog.com Hillary

    Interesting…yea it’s totally a health effort. I guess I can deal, haha.

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