Screw bread bowls, I want bread PLATES

Remember the trencher? No? Well, it’s not your fault. The stale square of bread preceded wooden and glass tableware and the plates we use today; used in medieval times, it was generally devoured at the end of the meal soaked with all the goodness of the food placed atop it or given to the poor as alms.

Am I the only one who thinks that’s an awesome idea? The bread plate part, not the alms part. Panera’s already got a huge hit on their hands with the bread bowl soups; imagine if we started seeing edible plates at fancy restaurants. People would flip!

What other food traditions of old do you want to see, dear readers? Let me know.

-Jim is feeling historical

  • Chip

    perhaps a renaissance style fast food joint that serves giant turkey legs

  • Hillary

    Haha good one!

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