With Apologies to Hillary’s Sticky Rice

Look at these mangoes, man. Oh yeah, King of Fruits right here, I would totally nom nom nom these things in three seconds flat and ask for thir–


I don’t like mangoes.

In fact, try as I might, I have never enjoyed a single bite of mango. Something about it just tastes lousy to me, and even in California when my dad brought me one fresh from the farmer’s market I was after two bites munching down strawberries instead. What’s wrong with me? Everyone likes mangoes! Oh God, this is just like when I realized I still liked cartoons in high school and nobody else did!

Tell me there’s more of you out there. Non-mango-fans, not cartoon geeks. I need some solidarity up ins.

-Jim was not impressed with the mango martinis

  • http://blog.humblehousewife.com Deborah

    Don’t like mangoes either. Don’t hate them, but if I can avoid them I will. Bland and funny textured creatures they are.

  • Kandi

    Mangos are ~squooshy~…I don’t like them either!!

  • Caley

    Mango lassis at Indian restaurants made me love mangoes so there.

  • Melissa

    You’re not alone Jim….I think they’re slimy and remind me of eels. But I’m weird, I don’t like papaya or passionfruit either.

  • http://crankyfitness.blogspot.com Crabby McSlacker

    Love mangoes but totally would get why someone would not. Very particular flavor and texture. (I don’t however, like papayas).

    I know there are supposed to be fancy ways of peeling and eating mangos so one does not end up covered from head to tow in sticky orangeness, but i have never mastered the art.

    Also, for some reason it can make your chin break out if you dribble mango juice all over it. So if you don’t like them already, I wouldn’t work too hard at cultivating a taste for them. (Plus that makes all the more Mango Martini’s for me!)

  • http://www.myspace.com/bisou_me jess

    i dont like mangoes either…GROSS lol

  • melissa

    I like them alright – I only had my first one last year (I’m 32). my husband hates them though.

    I also still love cartoons. ;)

  • Kristal

    I have hated mangoes from the time I was 14 and my friend’s grandma gave me a fruit plate. I ate it thinking it was a demented peach (never having had mango before), when my friend says “Ooh! Mango!” I wasn’t impressed and avoid them whenever possible.

  • http://clumsycook.com Robin

    I love mangoes! They are so cool, when you cute them up all funny in a cross hatch pattern and turn them out so they look like some odd turtle! I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat that?!

  • http://clumsycook.com Robin

    Meant to say CUT them up, not CUTE them up—though that sounds good too.

  • Victoria

    I’ve also never enjoyed a single bite of mango, although I’ve given it many chances over the years. That lousy taste you mentioned tastes to me like onion, which nothing that calls itself a fruit should ever taste like.

  • Victoria

    By the way, I love papaya, and I’ve noticed that most of the people I know who like papaya don’t like mango, and vice-versa.

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