Why Can’t I Cook Healthy Food?

Ok, it’s not THAT bad, but still. Growing up in a household like mine, in which desserts, butter, cheese, etc. were banned, I should be a pro at making healthy food work. Now that I have embraced all the guilty pleasures of food, I am often unable to return to a more contentious cooking in my own kitchen.

Or maybe I just hate quinoa. Ok, ok, i know that every food blogger and his or her mom loves the stuff. The quinoa salad pictures dotting the blogosphere over the last couple of months beckoned me to try this protein-rich grain (like this one). I finally caved and bought a small bag from Fresh Direct since red quinoa was not available. I promise you all i DID wash it several times before cooking thanks to many blog warnings.

I mixed the quinoa with chopped, marinated bocconcini mozzarella (marinated in sun dried tomato and more), roasted red and green bell peppers (I roasted the peppers myself thank you), toasted pistachios (yes, I actually took the time to shell and toast these suckers), a little chopped, browned cauliflower, and a light and simple vinaigrette dressing. I admit I winged the quinoa mix.

It was awful. The quinoa tasted very bitter. Perhaps I didn’t wash it well enough? Could the problem be the marinated mozzarella? I’m disappointed with quinoa, but may be willing to give it another go. For the sake of my health, I really must force myself.

-Caley, looking to try this or this or this.

  • http://www.foodonthefood.com Tammy

    I know what you mean about the quinoa. It took me a while to come around. The secret is lots and lots of vinaigrette to hid the quinoa flavor!

  • Caley

    Well that makes me feel better Tammy.

  • http://www.chewonthatblog.com Maxine

    I know everyone complains about the bitter taste, but I’ve never experienced that. My best tip would be to cook the quinoa in chicken stock instead of water. It does increase the sodium a bit, but it add a TON more flavor! Give it another try :)

  • Caley

    Ya know, I forgot to mention it, but I did do that. Hmm…

  • http://www.quinoa-cookbook.com Quinoa Recipes

    I have found that most types of cheeses are poor mixes with quinoa. Try italian and mexican flavourings and you will love it. It seems to go better with the quinoa flavour

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