Dominick’s Reopening

(photo courtesy of Dennis Marshak)

Yesterday was my lucky day. My dad and I had plans to pack up some things for my grandpa from his apartment, but decided to eat something first. Being 4:00 or so, my dad had already eaten some lunch, but I hadn’t. We needed a place that would satisfy us both.

Well, my dad had this crazy genius idea to go to the Dominick’s on Dundee and Sanders and take advantage of their Grand Reopening weekend. Dominick’s for a free lunch? Well, it’s over now, so don’t try this at home. But over the weekend, to encourage patrons to come visit the newly renovated grocery store, Dominick’s employees were handing out free samples of foods throughout the entire store. From pineapple, to New York Strip Steak (giant hunks of it at that), I was plenty full upon leaving. It was like a mini Taste of Chicago, only everything was free, and there was air conditioning.

Dominick’s/Starbucks employee: “Would you like to try a sample of our White Chocolate Frappucino?”
Me: Why yes please!

Yea. It was my lucky day. Not only did I gorge on steak, pineapple and Starbucks, but I also had some blueberry juice, chips and salsa, tortilla soup, salad with dressing samples, cake, and bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese. That’s about all I can remember. Aside from humiliating myself by frequenting certain booths and pretending I didn’t already sample their item…twice, it was a great time.

Complete with grand automatically playing piano, the grand reopening weekend seemed to be quite a hit! Not to mention…the new renovations are gorgeous! The grocery store now flaunts some pretty fancy looking wooden floors, with pretty new signs for the different sections. Dad and I were impressed. One criticism: they still play the thunderstorm audio clip when they’re about to rinse the vegetables. Ok whatever, it’s cute the first time, but if you spend a long time in grocery stores (like I do;) it gets to be pretty annoying. As far as pricing goes, it seemed as though prices did go up a bit – but, I really didn’t look that closely to compare, and I hadn’t been to a Dominick’s in awhile so don’t take my word for it.

I noticed the Organics brand pop up at many of the sampling booths. Since Organics is Dominicks’ name brand, handing out free samples was a great way to publicize. And, because I believe the world should be fair, I thought I’d return the favor of my free lunch by helping out with their publicity efforts. Don’t say I never did anything for you, Dominick’s.

Yep, that pretty awesome looking store is Dominick’s! Didn’t recognize it, did you?

-Hillary, wishing everyone a Happy National Filet Mignon Day!
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • Melissa

    So funny that you had a great experience there! My mom went sometime last week and said it was an absolute nightmare. Maybe they’d worked out the kinks by the time you came.

  • Hillary

    Why was it a nightmare? Was it too crowded?

  • Melissa

    I think they’re having some issues with their staff, although I suppose that doesn’t impact the joy that is free samples….

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