Rose cupcakes

You know those birthday cakes with all the frosting flowers on them? When you were younger, did you always want that part of the cake? I know I did, or maybe it was just that my middle name happens to be Rose and I felt I had the rights to them. That’s what my family would always say: “Save at least one of the roses for ‘Rose!’” Oh man, I was so spoiled.

Once you have enough of them though, or maybe just once you grow older, you realize that the last part of the cake you actually want is that rose. No more frosting overload for me please, just give me some cake.

When I went to the Renaissance Faire, I saw this awesome looking “rose cupcake” in one of the bakeries (I told you – they have everything there!) Well, needless to say this, albeit gorgeous, rose cupcake reminds me of the roses on the cakes I had when I was younger.

Pretty, right? Ok, maybe I’d still want at least a piece of that…

-Hillary, hoping to have some blog-worthy meal this weekend.
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  • Sylvia

    This is lovely and delicate

  • themoodfoodblog

    I wonder would they be hard to recreate? They look like a meringue!

  • Hillary

    Sylvia – They were definitely gorgeous – I had to take pictures!

    themoodfoodblog – I know I would have a hard time recreating them, but I’m sure if you have any cake decorating skills, it’d be possible!

  • http://----------------------------------- Rose Lane

    cupcake frosted rose, awesome. I never did want the frosting on the cake, but this is a beautiful representation.
    Rose Lane

  • Tess

    Hi! That looks so cool! Do you remember what bakery it was that made this cupcake?


  • beth

    What is this icing made out of? I would like to recreate it but am not sure if it is fondant, boiled icing or meringue.

  • http://www.twitter/yourdad David Jason

    These are amazing thank you and goodnight! smells!good?

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