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I have been meaning to write a review of Cozy Noodles & Rice, located in both Evanston and Chicago, for a long time. Cozy has been a favorite of mine and many friends for a couple years now, serving up authentic and delicious Thai food as fast as humanly possible.

One of the most unique aspects of Cozy is its decorations. If the place wasn’t a restaurant, you’d think its owners were some kind of hoarding packrats of collectibles, but since it is; their collecting ways make for some pretty fun ambiance. The already colorful walls are lined with extensive (and I mean extensive) collections of Pez candy dispensers, candle holders, beanie babies, lunch boxes, and even license plates from all across America. Even the mosaic-tiled tables patrons sit at can be considered collectibles. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the atmosphere, but you will see food pictures below.

Another thing I LOVE about Cozy is that their glasses are gigantic, not to mention colorful (go figure!) I drink a ton of water during meals, and I often hate having to flag down waiters at restaurants every 5 minutes for more. With Cozy’s giant glasses, I only have to flag down the waiter, in theory, every 15 minutes; what a perk! But, I say ‘in theory’ because they’re so good about checking up on you that I don’t think I’ve ever had to ask.

You may have gathered from the above remark that the service is pretty darn good. They’re all about efficiency, so while they don’t bother with any sort of charm, they fulfill all your needs as a consumer, they: take your order, bring your food (like i said, fast!), and check up on you periodically. But what I love is that they are so laidback too. I made a very last minute 15 person reservation there once; they were so good at handling it, and didn’t even mind that not everyone ordered.

Despite any fun atmosphere or even great service, we all know that no restaurant is better than the quality of its food. So I will speak on this matter in order to fulfill your full assessment needs: THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS. I’ve ordered a couple of things at Cozy, which is actually impressive because I usually order the same thing everywhere. I have had the Pad See Ewe, Noodles Panang, Panang Curry (yes, they are different, and I have had problems ordering the wrong one from time to time,) Cucumber Salad, Chicken Satay, and have sampled many a friend’s Pad Thai (pictured above.) I’ve loved everything I’ve had there; ALL their food is flavorful, and leaves no staple Thai ingredient behind.

But, I think that the absolute best part about this efficient gig they’re running over at Cozy is that the food is all so cheap, and not at the cost of large amounts of food. My entire plate of Pad See Ewe (that you see above) runs a cool $6.50 (at the Evanston location), as does pretty much everything else on the menu. Appetizers are just as low in cost, varying between $2 and $6 depending.

So, all in all, I give it about 8 thumbs up!

Other quick facts: Cozy Thai accepts all major credit cards, and it is BYOB!

1018 Davis St., Evanston, IL, Tel: (847) 733-0101
3456 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL, Tel: (773) 327-0100

-Hillary, craving Thai food now (no, these pictures aren’t from last night!)
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • Melissa A.

    Sounds like a cool place. I can’t believe I never went there when I lived in Illinois.
    I’ve been in the mood for Pad Thai, so this is definitely urging me more…
    Next time, take pics of the ambience!

  • Caley

    You cruel co-blogger you! I LOVED Cozy, while living in Evanston. How I miss it now. I love the broad noodles. Mmmmm.

  • Melissa

    They do have great Pad See Ewe. I love that I only have to go around the corner (sorry Caley!) instead of schlepping into the city for great Thai.

  • Hillary

    Melissa A. – I will try to next time; they’re walls are definitely picture worthy!

    Caley – That just means you will have to come back and visit (before Ireland?!)

    Melissa – I’m so jealous that it is just around the corner from you, it’s about a half hour drive from me, but so worth it!

  • Monica

    I agree…best pad thai of my life! Great post :)

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