Tomato roundup

Occasionally, when I notice that many food bloggers are writing about the same thing, I like to do mini roundups (like this one), gathering all the eggs into one basket…or, in this case, all the tomatoes into one…blog. This collection of gorgeous tomato photographs is not exhaustive of all the tomatoes and tomato recipes I’ve seen out there, as with summer coming to a close, tons of great chefs are scurrying to use up their homegrown heirloom tomatoes yielding too many recipes to post. So, with that said, enjoy this collection of plain but beautiful tomatoes…in the flesh.

Let’s begin.

David Lebovitz did a piece entitled But I do have tomatoes where he used these gorgeous tomatoes in an even more gorgeous tomato salad (for that picture, follow the link.)

Matt at Matt Bites’ is a self-proclaimed Heirloomaniac. His “diary of a tomato junkie” told of his weekend filled with tomato-centered meals galore.  By the end, he  still wasn’t sick of these bright green beauties:

Jennifer from Last Night’s Dinner has definitely gone through some Tomato Mania lately.

She (Jennifer) not only used the above tomatoes for her delicious-looking pasta dish, but used the below tomatoes for her tomato tarts in her post entitled Tarted Up.

And then, there is Maki from Just Hungry who interpreted heirloom tomatoes a little bit differently in her post entitled Tomato deconstructed: Tomato gelee and tomato coulisHere you can see a jelly and coulis topping solely made from a couple of heirloom tomatoes:

To find great recipes, follow the links above, or check out Recipe4Living. Here’s a few recipes I found that tickled my fancy:
Grecian Tomato Salad (minus the mayo)
Awesome Tomato Salsa
Pasta and Fresh Tomatoes

-Hillary, intrigued that POM tea changed their keepsake glasses.
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • JEP

    I have found you via Serious Eats when you commented on my “dunkning” post today. I plan to read thru your archives!

  • Hillary

    JEP –
    Thanks for stopping by! I’m an avid fan of Serious Eats. I hope you like it here!

  • Tenina

    Wow these are some great pics. Love tomatoes, hmmmn, you’ve got me thinking Hilary!

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