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Okay, okay, so in the past I’ve roundly condemned overly-fancy cakes as annoying and expensive and an overall pain in the butt to eat. I even wrote an article last week about alternatives to wedding cakes. But if somebody made me a cake like this one, I think I’d have to change my mind.

Ever read the Discworld series? This here’s the titular disc on the backs of four elephants on the back of a cosmic turtle, in cake form, and aside from some dowels in the elephants and the wire arc for the orbiting sun and moon the entire thing is 100% freakin’ edible!

So I guess what this proves is, as long as you make your huge, complicated wedding cake a total geek-out, I guess I’m on board. Let me know when some enterprising baker builds a gigantic edible Wii.

-Jim admits he is a Terry Pratchett fanboy

  • Christine

    This cake rocks my world. While I have not read the books, I am geek in the same way. I derived great pleasure from that cake. I am getting married and so have seen cakes that the only that impresses me is the price tag.

  • Crabby McSlacker

    That is truly an amazing cake.

    I keep hearing about this Terry Pratchett guy and someday will have to investigate. He sounds like just the right amount of weird.

  • Sarah

    Where are the elephants?

  • Jim

    Crabby – He started off an enjoyably goofy fantasy writer and has developed into a brilliant satirist/all-around writer. I particularly recommend the Watch books (Guards! Guards!, Jingo, basically anything involving Vimes) and the Mort books and…hell, just read them all as soon as possible!

    Sarah – They’re obscured by the disk.

  • bob

    poor little turtle carrying cake

  • Sorcha_Mochrie

    Lovely! I did a google search for renaissance wedding cake, and I find diskworld. I want one! maybe I should do a search for book theme cakes…

  • dee

    i was about to ask about the elephant but i’m guessing they are on top of the turtle but to small to view on the computer

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