What the World Eats

Time Magazine recently published a photo essay on what people all over the world eat. Sweetnicks gave me the heads up on this essay. The family portraits capture what the family ate over the course of a week. Things I noticed:

1. The amount of bread the Italian family consumed! Maybe it’s because they have some seriously awesome bakeries!

2. A surprisingly small amount of fresh produce and emphasis on processed foods for the California family

3. Pizza is popular everywhere!

4. The influence of American fast food globally

Let me know what you think!

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  • melissa

    saw this a while back on msn and yes, was surprised at how american habits and fast food culture seem to permeate everywhere. UGH. but overall, an incredibly fascinating slideshow!!

  • http://sososimple.blogspot.com gilli

    What an interesting photo essay. I noticed the Germans were the only ones who probably owned up to drinking plenty alcohol!!! they looked like they ate pretty balanced diet.
    The Mexicans had a helthly food diet but what about all those fizzy drinks… what wrong with bottled water.
    If they had asked me, I wouldn’t like to put down our alcohol content but counterbalanced with healthy food actually we both have excellent livers so there you go!!!

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