Watch out: Your vegetables…

I hesitate to pass along this information, only because, as Caley just pointed out, the world surely doesn’t need another reason to eat fewer vegetables. But, notwithstanding, it is important to know that some of your vegetables may be laced with antibiotics.

How? You ask. Well, I wrote an article on the site that explains it more depth, but here is a simple explanation:

In order to capitalize on the meat market, farmers add antibiotics to their farm animals’ feed. Those very animals’ manure, rampant with antibiotics, is then used as soil to harvest crops. The crops then absorb these antibiotics as they grow. And where do they end up? You guessed it: in grocery stores, where they are unmarked as to where they came from or whether not animal manure was used.

So, just like you have no idea what is in these orange pills, you have no idea what is in your vegetables either! Problem? The gravity of the situation is yet to be determined, but I should surely think so.

Moral of the story: avoid using animal manure if you grow your own vegetables. Try and find out where your vegetables were grown.

Thanks to Slashfood for giving us the heads up about this!

-Hillary, hoping to make herself pick running back up in the near future.
Editor, Recipe4Living

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