Oh good: hot sauce gets hotter

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You know, I was worried.

After Dave’s Insanity Sauce hit our house, I didn’t think we could feasibly get hotter. Yes, yes, every year Blair’s overcompensates slightly more by releasing a new unusable additive (seriously, 16 million Scoville units? Congratulations, you have made edible hell), but Dave’s is about the hottest we’ve gotten with actual, usable sauces. And I’m sure someone will tell me otherwise, but it seems that with habanero-based sauces you can’t get much hotter.*

But now there’s a new pepper in town–one that makes the habanero’s measly 500,000 Scoville rating sound like a breezy day at an Alaskan nudist colony. Enter the bhut jolokia, or “ghost chili.” Each bite is rated at a whopping 1,001,304 Scovilles–I’m not a scientist, but I’m fairly certain that’s hot enough to send smoke out of your ears. I wonder how it tastes!

“It is so hot you can’t even imagine,” said the farmer, Digonta Saikia, working in his fields in the midday sun, his face nearly invisible behind an enormous straw hat. “When you eat it, it’s like dying.”

Awesome!!! I can’t wait ’til the first sauce made with it arrives in the states and my four older brothers all dare me to eat it on a saltine cracker.

Still, I’m holding out for a Guatemalan Insanity Pepper. Then I can meet a hallucinatory coyote voiced by Johnny Cash who’ll help me sort out my personal problems.

*So apparently Blair’s MegaDeath Hot Sauce–which we consumed on crackers at my college apartment and which is a toasty 500,000 Scovilles, as opposed to Dave’s 51,000–was so hot it made me forget I ever tried it. But as we never used it for any kind of cooking, maybe it doesn’t count.

  • Chip

    Death is harsh….but mega death….now thats just uncalled for. Unless ofcourse someone calls for it…perhaps a spunky austrailian who needs to be put in his place.

  • http://clumsycook.com Robin

    Yes–Simpsons allusion!

    The first time I cooked with hot peppers (I don’t even know what kind it was but it was little and orange and from Africa) I didn’t wear gloves and decided to pop a piece (seeds and all) into my mouth as a dare to myself. When my hands started burning I, of course, started wiping them off on my bare arms (smart, I know) then my mouth was on fire and I tried to wipe off the burn on my tongue with said hands (smarter). I started crying and rubbed my eyes with pepper-juice fingers (baaaad idea) and the story ended with me calling my mom from my apartment a few hours later, telling her that I knew I was going to die because I was burning alive and she called my friends to my rescue, who found me rocking myself into insanity on the kitchen floor, where I told them that the more I moved, the closer I was to going into a heat induced coma, and not to touch me because I was contagious. Everyone laughed and laughed as they feed me dairy products—but I didn’t think it was funny!! (Though now it seems quite hilarious!)

    And of course, now I want to try this ghost chili and compare!

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Jim

    I’m not laughing, really I’m not—BAHAHAHAHAH–okay, sorry, sorry, all better now.

    The Australian Chip alludes to in his post had a similar experience with our Mega Death Sauce…he was visiting our apartment, saw our challenge (put a drop of sauce on a cracker or chip, eat it) and promptly one-upped us by slathering an entire chip in the stuff. Now, it takes a moment to really kick in, so he just stared at us disapprovingly and then grabbed the bottle and DRANK FROM THE FREAKING THING.

    He spent the next hour staring at the floor, muttering “God, it just keeps gettin’ hotter” and rocking back and forth.

  • http://sososimple.blogspot.com gilli

    Have you read the piece about Frank!!! a novice judge being seconded to judge the local chili contest. It is so funny. If you haven’t read let me know and I will see if I can track it down.
    I love chili but am boringly cautious. My son has an iron stomach he would Dave’s sauce.
    Must show him the website.

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