What I would do with jam

Recently, Sam of Becks and Posh wrote a post asking for ideas or suggestions on what to do with her excessive abundance of jam jars in the fridge entitled “Jammed if you do, Jammed if you don’t.” I gave this question some thought and decided to respond with a post of my own.

1. Meatballs
One of the first things to come to mind was meatballs. Particularly, my family’s recipe for Sweet and Sour meatballs. My grandmother came up with this recipe and it uses grape jelly in the sauce for its sweetness factor. But, we’re not done with the meatball category quite yet. Recently I was at a party where lamb meatballs were served alongside a nice helping of grape jam. Let me tell you, it was unexpectedly delicioso!

2. Crepes
If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you might know I have an obsession with Swedish Pancakes. Part of what makes the crepe-like pancakes so delicious is that they’re always served with lingonberry jam (and some whipped butter). The lingonberries offer a sweet, yet not too sweet, taste to the perfectly textured crepes. So, after giving it more thought, I think that this would work well with any basic crepe. Raspberry jam seems like it would work rather well!

3. Glazes
While it isn’t ordinary, the thought of a grilled chicken dish covered in a raspberry glaze (made from jam of course!) makes me drool. The same goes for beef, and some claim, even salmon (or other fish.) You can probably use up a whole bunch of your jam jars by serving up protein entrees with sweet fruity glazes. Actually, Recipe4Living just received a great Strawberry Beef Filet recipe. He made his own jam out of strawberries, but I’m sure already-made jam can be substituted.

4. Cobblers
Since cobblers are known for having the perfect combination of crunch and gooey fruity goodness, why not use jam?! I think it’s perfect if I do say so myself. Here’s a recipe I found that uses blackberry jam: Old Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler.

Jam is also pretty tasty atop some fried matzo (known as matzo brie), or as I’m sure you know: toast! Ok, that’s it. I hope this helped someone because I am plum out of ideas! Post here if you have any!

-Hillary, excited to finally go to Rock Bottom (the restaurant, not the human state)
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • sam

    thank you for doing this – and such a vibrant photo too!

  • http://www.onfoodandwine.com andreea

    i definitly like the idea of the meatballs.

  • http://theoriesofstring.blogspot.com Sarah

    Jam goes surprisingly well with cheese. A baked Brie with some almonds and a jam is just heaven.

  • http://www.websterinfo.com Chris Smith

    To spice up the dinnertime you have grown accustomed to, theme nights create a great break from the norm. You have an obsession with meatballs and Swedish Pancakes I note:) You may select a day of the week that is especially set aside for a particular theme of your choice, such as “Dinner and a Movie.” When preparing a mealtime your family will never forget, you may choose to explore another culture. A few theme night feasts may include: Italian (pizza, cannoli, lasagna and of course meatballs); Asian (spring rolls, chicken stir fry, fortune cookies); Middle Eastern (pita sandwiches, falafel); or French (croissant sandwiches, quiche, and your favorite crepes). I have some other ideas at http://www.websterinfo.com/articles/602/1/745/7-Creative-Ideas-To-Keep-Dinner-Interesting/Page1.html

  • Bo

    As well as the meatballs (have tried this :) ) delicious. But when I bake cookies (homemade) thumbprint cookies, I use the jam for the filling. Then w/leftover jam/mix it together – since the “new word today” is fusion. It makes a wonderful blend again for more toppings, like a white pork roast/last minutes of cooking, I spread this mixture on it and glaze. Its delicious :)

  • Edna

    One that I do is make some muffins and when filling the muffin tin, I put half muffin batter and then a tablespoon of jam or jelly any flavor and finish filling the muffin with more batter. I got this recipe years ago when going to school. My family still loves the taste of them.

  • http://chewonthatblog.com Hillary

    All of these ideas sound great! Jam does go rather well with muffins and cookies too, I guess I left those out – oops! :)

  • L. J. Masters

    Instead of using cinnamon and sugar to make cinnamon rolls, spread jam on the dough; roll up and bake.

    Another idea is to mix jam to taste with Dream Whip and use in place of frosting on a white sheet cake.

    Still another idea is to make sandwich cookies with a jam filling.

    Of course, use jam on any pancakes or waffles.

    And then, you can make a simple oat-flour-brown sugar and butter crust. Bake five minutes at 350 degrees. Then spread jam on the crust and bake another 15 to 20 minutes. Apple butter is a terrific topper for this; but other jams works well.

    For berry or citrusy jams, make a powdered sugar-butter-flour crust. Bake five minutes. Then add jam and bake longer.

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