Last Supper

Some of our favorite food bloggers answered our fun albeit morbid question, “What would your Last Supper be?” The answers are impressively varied, mouth-watering, and hilarious!

Thanks to all you bloggers for participating in the fun!

Adam Kuban from Slice NY and A Hamburger Today:

“3 White Castle cheeseburgers
2 White Castle hamburgers
1 White Castle double cheeseburger
Perfectly fried, light and crisp onion rings made from real, whole sliced onions — and therefore not from White Castle
1 large chocolate malt”

Barbara Fisher from Tigers and Strawberries:

Barbara was nice enough to write a post at her blog in response:

“I think I would want something amazingly scrummy, like Thai Chili Basil Squid–a dish which I have not made at home, since squid are thin on the ground here in Ohio, but when I am in an excellent Thai restaurant, I order it every time. It is filled with the scent of the ocean, the incendiary power of Thai bird chilies, the sweetness of shallots and garlic and the herbal song of basil leaves, all held together by the sour tears of lime.”

Read the full post here!

Derrick Schneider from Obsession with Food:

“That’s a tough question. I know I’d want Thomas Keller to prepare it. Or maybe Wylie Dufresne. Let’s see: I’d want an appetizer platter that featured Dario Cecchini charcuterie. I’ve never tasted it, but he’s trained some of the best charcutiers I know. I’d want lots of oysters. I’d want lots of foie gras and truffles and bacon. Perhaps the truffled lentil soup I once had at Guy Savoy. The duck confit from Jojo. I’d want good grass-fed steak, cooked super rare. I’d want Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese, which is the cheese they served when I proposed to Melissa. And a fantastic fruit tart for dessert. For wine, I’d want an old German Riesling, an old Burgundy, old vintage Champagne, and an old Domaine de Beaucastel. With an old Chateau d’Yquem with dessert. Plus, I’d want a minimum of six amuse-bouches and intermezzo dishes, which I’d leave to the chef’s discretion. And Melissa reminded me of one more dish I’d want, before the duck confit. From a visit to Lampreia I wrote about a couple years ago:’A raviolo filled with sheep’s milk ricotta and a still-intact egg yolk. Around it, shaved ricotta salata, salted and aged for half a year. Truffles everywhere.’”

Robyn Lee from Girl Who Ate Everything:

“I have a feeling my answer to what I’d want for my last meal would change depending on my mood, but….ooh…[scratches head]. Okay, that really is impossible. It’s easier to think of what I’d want if I were restricted to a certain cuisine. Italian, I’d want a really good margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella and fresh basil and all that good stuff, followed by a cup of equally good pistachio gelato. If Japanese, I’d want pork katsu curry. French, I’d want duck confit and macaroons and croissants and baguettes (yes, I realize it’d be impossible to eat all that.). Chinese, I’d want pork-filled zongzi and fried pork dumplings with egg custard tarts for dessert…AHH THIS IS TOO HARD AND NOW I AM HUNGRY! .__. God I love egg custard tarts. Sorry, that wasn’t a very clear answer. I’d be so indecisive that I’d probably end up with no last supper. Wah!”

Lydia Walshin from The Perfect Pantry:

“I’m not sure I’d call this a “meal” as much as a collection of foods I love; in life I’d never eat them all together. For an appetizer, I’d probably want a real old-fashioned shrimp cocktail. No question that the main course would be jambalaya — but I’d have to make it myself to make sure it was spicy enough! For dessert, seedless red grapes and a bowl of ice water to dunk them in.”

Lauren Ulm of Vegan Yum Yum:

“I’m often asked what my favorite meal is, and I always have the most difficult time answering the question! Though I love to cook, I think my last meal would my favorite take-out dish. There is a little restaurant I used to visit when I lived in Western Massachusetts called Fresh Side. It’s in the lovely college town of Amherst, MA it has the most amazing vegan pad thai I have ever encountered. It isn’t your usual sweet and tangy noodle dish–theirs is salty and spicy with extra firm bean curd and shredded carrots. I’ve never tasted another pad thai like it! It’s so simple, yet I can’t figure out for the life of me how to recreate it at home. When my husband and I moved to Boston, we made sure to schedule our last dinner in the Western part of Massachusetts at Fresh Side.”

Anne-Marie Nichols from This Mama Cooks!

“My last supper would be a Sunday lunch buffet with a Easter/Passover theme. I had something similar in Vegas once and was in heaven. It had all my favorite Jewish deli treats like blintzes, bagels and lox, pickle herring, chopped liver, etc. and all the good stuff I like at any breakfast buffet – pancakes, bacon, muffins, fresh fruit, mimosas, etc. I would add a little sushi, just for fun, and maybe some cold lobster and shrimp, too. For dessert, there would be Julia Child’s chocolate mousse and maybe some crème brule.”

Tina from The Wandering Eater

“Hmm…my last meal. I guess my last meal would be at French Laundry with my seven closest friends (foodie or not, as long as they can last the long marathon of eating there). It’s extravagant enough that I could end my life with a superb meal created by Thomas Keller (really, who cares about money when one knowingly dies?), as well as being happy with being with great people during my final hours.”

Maki from Just Hungry

“I think my last meal would be sashimi and sushi, omakase with my favorite sushi chef in Japan, with the freshest and biggest variety of neta ever. Finishing up with a piece of piping hot tamago yaki with grated daikon. I won’t have room for dessert.”

Joy from The Restaurant Whore

“How many courses:)? I’ll stick with the standard 3 course format: I’d start with caviar, for sure, and as long as it’s my last meal I’d go for some golden oscetra. I’d need the traditional accompaniments (creme fraiche, chives, egg yolk and a blini type thing to rest it all on). I’m thinking about 3 oz. will be good. Next, I’d definitely pick lobster, but not fancy lobster. A two pound Maine lobster steamed and served with butter and lemon. And really good french fries. I’ll probably need a salad to balance out all the fat on my lips, so I think I’d do little gem lettuces with a green garlic dressing, some parmesan and maybe some radishes (this maybe cheating since salads can be a first course, but it’s my last meal so I figure cheating is OK). For dessert, anything with coconut and passionfruit. I realize none of this fits together, but if I’m going to die, it doesn’t really need to fit, right?”

Adam at Men in Aprons

Adam wrote a very interesting response to our question at this blog:

“As I said before, I’m from Texas. And in Texas we have Tex-Mex food. Some of the best stuff around. True Tex-Mex combines foods from Mexico and Native Americans and mashes it up with Texas cattle drive food and ranch fare. I’ve eaten Tex-Mex more times than I could count, and that’s what I’d want for my last supper.
Tacos al carbon. Spanish rice. Refried beans (made with lard). Chips & Salsa. Queso. Flan and Sopapillas.”

Read the full post here!

Cate from Sweetnicks

“Greek Salad … love the stuff. Cool, refreshing and practically healthy, which will make up for the balance of my choices
Tortellini Alfredo … love, love, love tortellini. My husband? Not so much. And he hates Alfredo sauce even more.
Garlic Bread … can’t have pasta with garlic bread, right? And homemade trumps anything else every time.
Escargot … I first had escargot on a cruise about a year ago and fell in love with the buttery little suckers. I haven’t made them or had them since, but they were oh so good.
Creme Brulee … love this dessert and make it semi-frequently at home. Can’t go wrong with a Creme Brulee ending.”

Adam from Amateur Gourmet

“For my last supper I would start with Caesar salad from Pearl Oyster Bar, biscuits from The Silver Skillet in Atlanta with apple butter from the Flying Biscuit (also in Atlanta), ceviche from Loteria in L.A., a bowl of pasta that I made myself (cavatappi with sun-dried tomatoes and white beans), roast chicken that I also roast myself (from the Chez Panisse cookbook), a big glass of very expensive white wine, and then desserts desserts desserts galore including my favorite cookies (rainbow cookies) and something fruity (the Torta Mondella from Veniero’s in the East Village?) and then a strong espresso.”

Carol Gillott from Paris Breakfasts

“At first I thought of an all-gelato dinner. Every single course, which would surely kill me sweetly with sugar. But on thinking a bit I decided the annual birthday dinner I had as a child will do nicely. Steamed Lobster and lemon meringue pie. You don’t need teeth for this dinner either.”

Deb from Smitten Kitchen

Deb answered for her husband, Alex:

“Shrimp cocktail with his own very spicy cocktail sauce
Lobster tail with salty butter and lots of lemon
Filet mignon, nothing on it, but if there was some horseradish-y creamy sauce on the side, there would be no complaints
The chocolate caramel cheesecake I made him for his birthday last year
Several dirty martinis, extra olives, please, because my wife always steals them”

Jennifer Hess from Last Night’s Dinner

“It was a little surprising how difficult it was for me to narrow it down! I have so many wonderful food memories that I can imagine wanting to evoke for my last meal, it was hard to choose just one. I think if I were feeling fancy, I’d go with oysters on the half-shell to start, followed by grass-fed lamb chops and roasted potatoes with crème fraiche. I’d definitely want champagne or a glass of Muscadet with the oysters, and a good red with the lamb. Realistically, though, I’d probably go the comfort food route, choosing a big bowl of my grandmother’s chicken soup with warm tortillas – soul-satisfying and made with love, it would be a perfect note to end on. “

Barrett from Too Many Chefs

“Without question – my final meal would be very simple – the best heirloom tomatoes picked at the peak of ripeness, fresh buffalo milk mozzarella, home garden grown basil leaves, a drizzle of the finest olive oil, a sprinkle of kosher salt, and a grind of fresh black pepper. It’s a bad idea to die while feeling bloated, so a nice, perfectly executed caprese salad would help me to remember how good simple food executed well (no pun intended) can be. The other possibility would be a great big sheet cake with a .45 and a working cell phone to call in the helicopter to bust me out.”

Danielle at Habeas Brulee

“I usually go for interesting, exciting tasting menus, but for a last meal I would want something that I am confident would be not only interesting, but good. Perhaps a tasting menu from a chef I truly trust to make it a wonderful experience. A long evening of small, fascinating dishes would be a wonderful way to have not just a meal, but an experience and an excuse for lingering with loved ones long into my last night.”

Jenni Oh from Milk and Cookies

“For my absolute last supper I would probably go for my dad’s chicken curry with some rice and a nice sticky date pudding afterwards.”

Helen from Grab Your Fork

“Super-fresh sashimi. The satiny-soft texture of fresh-from-the-sea raw salmon, tuna, hiramasa kingfish, maybe some scallops, some super-sweet calamari, would give my nose, my tastebuds, my tongue, my belly, one final last hurrah of all that is pure and good in this world.”

Leslie Tay from I Eat I Shoot I Post

“Who cares what I eat for the last supper? There’s going to be a
heavenly banquet when I cross the Pearly Gates that would make a
Matsuzaka Beef Sukiyaki look like Hospital Porridge!”

Thank you everyone for your wonderful submissions! Leave your own “Last Supper” below.

  • Adam K.

    Thanks for asking me to participate. I feel absolutely low-rent here among the more interesting and nuanced choices! This list is a great crib sheet for must-eat eats.

  • Jim

    Never apologize for loving White Castle. Others should apologize for their lists not involving at least one slider.

  • Hillary

    Haha, I second Jim. I thought your answer was pretty entertaining! And, I have a grandfather who is just as obsessed with White Castle that agrees with you completely!

    The other answers are great too though, and if I had to answer our own tough question, I would say….

    Salmon Nigiri, Salmon Nigiri, and more…Salmon Nigiri!
    (Haha, see my post about RA sushi)

  • Caley

    I would have the most ADD Last Supper…Barbecue Ribs fresh off the grill, asparagus, Salmon/cucumber maki, a dragon roll, fatty tuna nigiri, mochi, macaroni and cheese…ok my last supper would be excessive…aged whiskey to finish

  • radish

    Mmmm.. Last meals… That’s been a topic of conversation for my friends and me lately – what a coincidence. There’d would be way too much I’d eat… I’d probably have a lot of indigestions afterwards!

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  • Muffin

    I was just thinking about this the other day, actually. If I was able to choose what I would have for my last meal, it would undoubtedly be fattening, tasty and amazing- But it would also have to be something of comfort.

    I wouldn’t want to risk having something I didn’t find utterly fabulous as my last meal, so I would go with something I was more familiar with.. Like steak.

    But not just normal steak, but perfectly pan seared medium rare top sirloin. Marinated in lime and garlic. Pan seared in butter. Lots of butter. I want a crust on that steak, and I want it to be delicious. When the steak is JUST done, I’d top it off with a few slices of fresh mozzarella, so that when it was served, the mozzarella would be all melty and good, and absorb the garlic and butter..

    Then I’d want a bowl full of lumpless mashed potatoes, sour cream, bacon crumbles, cheddar cheese, butter and chives. Like I said, if I’m goin out, I’m goin out with some fattening food in my belly.

    Top it all off with a mixed green salad, ranch dressing (guilty pleasure) perfect garlic toast, and the best lemon drop martini ever made. Ice cold and sparkling.

    If I was lucky enough to make it through dinner alive, I could then die happy.

  • tara

    My goodness. My deepest apologies that a busy few days prevented me from participating; but now that I think about it, that may have been a lucky stroke for me! My list of foods has surely grown from reading these mouth-watering thoughts. Thank you for the compiling them

  • maki

    OMG, I hate Adam. Now I crave White Castle and what am I supposed to do with that craving in Switzerland? [cries]

  • Brianna
  • jenjen

    Wow, my answer seems really abrupt and rather hasty compared to everyone else’s well thought out answers.

    I don’t know what White Castle is, but if I had to eat I burger for my last meal I certainly wouldn’t be complaining.

  • jenjen

    I mean “a burger” not “I burger”

  • karen

    yummy everyone!!!
    my last meal: waffle house hash browns w/ tomatoes and onions
    ny strip steak, grilled over charcoal, medium
    a great salad with the works and homemade balsamic vinegarette
    olive garden bread sticks
    southern style white creamed corn
    shrimp cocktail
    strawberry shortcake
    coconut creme pie

  • loulou

    I would begin with chips and two salsas. I’m so deprived of these that I eat loads of them when I’m in the States. Freshly fried corn tortilla chips with plenty of salt and super spicy tomato salsa and green tomatillo salsa. A Sol beer with lime to drink.

    Then my grandmother’s homemade gnocchi in her tomato basil sauce. Nothing better! A nice red wine to drink, preferably Italian.

    A cheese course with Banon, Beaufort and Langres. Some French wine.

    Dessert would have to be my friend’s amazing, light Lemon Chiffon Cake from her bakery in Spokane Washington, Bittersweet Bakery and Bistro.

    A VERY strong espresso to finish.

  • betty

    I think my last meal would have to be many small plates to accomodate all the things that I’d want. I’d start with some fresh wild strawberries and camembert with a very wild, crusty dark bread. Then roasted chanterelles and garlic, maybe with a little spaetzle. Then brandade on a bed of sauteed escarole. Then some melon salad. Then a little butter-fried alaskan halibut filet with porcini. Then a little lamb liver with hash browns. Maybe a side of eggplant. A super fresh salad with greens, cucumbers, toasted crumbs and a tiny poached egg…
    Hmmm, apparently my last meal would have to last several days. There’s much too much. And I haven’t even considered wines yet, or dessert!

  • Scott at Realepicurean

    I was too slow to participate on this one, but here’s mine.

    For my last meal I think I would go for comfort food rather than something overly fancy. I think I’d need comforting if I knew I was about to die!

    Starter: Haggis, neeps and tatties. This is a delicious Scottish dish and the ultimate in comfort food, which when served sparingly (i.e. in layers in a ramekin) and topped with a drizzling of a Drambuie and cream sauce, it just leaves you wanting more…

    Main course: I’m a man of simple pleasures. Something as simple as a plain boiled lobster served whole with some mayonnaise will keep me happy. Failing that, a plate of king scallops will do the trick.

    Desert: I’m all for tradition, and since I’m English, a typical Bread and Butter Pudding is just the ticket. The bread should have been spread with chocolate spread before cooking, and extra custard (home made, of course) should be poured over before serving.

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  • CelticWarrior

    Raw Oysters on the half shell with horseradish, hot sauce and lemon. Roasted Marrow on Toast and after that a homemade Muffaletta. Copious amounts of Guinness and a nice Port with a Padron cigar after dinner.

  • Noel

    I loved that White Castles were mentioned, I wish I was back in St Louis..can taste em now! My last supper would have to include: Steamed Shrimp, Prime Rib, French Fries and Onion Rings, Pie of various sorts(Pumpkin, Key Lime, Coconut Cream), White Castle Hamburgers, I too would want Olive Garden(Salad and Breadsticks).

  • Ashtray

    Wow tough call.. pretty sure id eat a little bit of everything.. a huge filet with awesome cheesy mashed potatoes on the side. A slice of the best pizza around.

  • Robert Conquest

    I’d start with a good calamari and perfect baked french onion soup. Then the best slabs of ribs from texas, memphis, kansas & carolinas. Lobster tail w/ butter. Garlic cheddar mashed taters & garlic asparugus. Dessert, a slice each of apple pie, raspberry pie, & strawberry rhubarb pie. All washed down with a few creamy dark n smooth Boch Beers.

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