A flies’ picnic

In addition to the Bar Mitzvah, this weekend also played host to the annual Marshak Family Picnic! Translation: LOTS of food, LOTS of cousins, and well…lots of flies.

When you’re trying to eat, flies are pretty annoying. But, this year, along with supplying my branch of the family with all the cold cuts in the world, rye bread, pickles, chips, a whole chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, chopped liver and all the necessary condiments and paper products, my grandpa’s wife brought a: FLY UMBRELLA!

fly umbrella

That’s right…a fly umbrella. Not only did this intriguing contraption guard the meat (or desired covered foods) from flies, but it was a good decoration! Unfortunately, I wished we had more fly umbrellas, because a fly definitely camped out in the chopped liver for awhile. It’s only sooo big, so not everything fits under it.

The funny thing is I don’t think this was the original purpose of this umbrella-like contraption. My grandpa’s wife’s granddaughter (i know, sounds complicated but there’s no better way to say it!) received the umbrella as part of a wedding present, but gave it to my grandpa’s wife because she didn’t know what to do with it. This goes to show: one person’s trash is another’s treasure! Next time you have a picnic, try out a fly umbrella!

Here’s a picture of part of our enormous picnic spread:

We also had brownies, cookies, and LOADS of fruit. Let’s just say, we were all beyond stuffed before playing the Marshak family softball game!

-Hillary, restraining herself from renaming this post to Rihanna’s “Under my umbrella…”
Editor, Recipe4Living

P.S. This post was brought to you in part my sister-in-law. Thanks!

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