Your Weekly Libation

Friday again, jiggety-jig! I’m a wreck at the moment due to a combination of seeing The Simpsons Movie and being a crazy insomniac, but that won’t stop me from recommending a cocktail introduced by–and named after–my brother. I present to you, deceptive in its simplicity:

The Michael.

Just vodka, lemonade, and fruit punch, mixed to whatever intensity you desire. Perfect when you’re drinking for more than just the taste.*

-Jim, out like a light until Monday

*But of course, drink responsibly!

  • Ari (Baking and Books)

    How was the movie? Any good?

    And you know, that drink sounds pretty promising… thanks!

  • Crabby McSlacker

    I’ll have to try this cocktail when the Simpsons comes on on Netflix. It does sound like the perfect accompaniment to a cartoon movie–maybe with a side of graham crackers.

    (I’d see it in the theaters but there might be –shudder– children there. I like kids but in small doses and not at the movies.)

  • Jim

    Ari, the movie gave me new hope as a Simpsons fan. It wasn’t perfect–why no Sideshow Bob?–but it reminded me of the Simpsons of days gone by, before they started imitating Family Guy (hey guys, let’s watch Homer get hurt and do dumb things for twenty minutes!). A central plot, some brilliant writing and verbal exchanges, just the right amount of lowbrow humor, and a real heart.

    Crabby, never go to anything but a midnight showing. Unless it’s something hugely kid-centric like Harry Potter, you should be okay, as the most irritating wee ones will be in bed.

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