I like my sushi…”RA.”

Yea i know, not so funny.

Ok, this time I am the ultimate hypocrite. I continue to eat sushi despite the potential economic plight I may cause Japan by doing so. But really, WHO can help it? Anyway, like I said in my last post, I went out for a sushi dinner last evening with some friends. I happened to try out RA sushi for my first time, per a friend’s recommendation. If you arrive between 4 and 7 on weekdays, they have a “happy hour” special that offers a limited menu of sushi and drinks for cheaper prices than their regular menu. Well, I thought I was in luck, because if there’s anything ever stopping me from going overboard on sushi ordering, it’s money, not appetite.But…disappointment #1 struck when I noticed that this menu was RATHER limited. They only had a few roll offerings, such as California, or spicy tuna, accompanied by salmon and shrimp nigiri, and some various gyoza and wonton appetizers. As I list them, it sounds more extensive, but I felt restricted.

I ordered two orders of salmon nigiri, and a spicy tuna roll minus the spicy mayo (is plain tuna so hard to put on the menu?) They did however supply me with their extra spicy sauce (and I mean EXTRA SPICY) to accompany the tuna roll, as a substitute for the mayo, per my request. I also ordered hot sake for $1! I’ve never had it before so this was a definite perk.

Ok, enough blabbering. I’ll walk you through my experience with some pictures!

The salmon nigiri and tuna roll came plated together with the aforementioned spicy sauce that you see in red. It was ridiculously hot (like 10 times worse than Wasabi in my opinion but others present begged to differ.)

Anyway, let’s zoom in, shall we?

Ah yes…pictured above is the key to my heart. This was one order of the salmon nigiri. As you can see, nigiri is a piece of fish that tops a bed of rice (for more terms defined and information about sushi in general, read the Recipe4Living sushi article). It came with two slabs of fresh sushi salmon, and it was so delicious I ordered another round of it later on.

The tuna roll was…mediocre. Next to salmon, tuna is up there in my list of sushi indulgences, but I wasn’t thoroughly impressed. Maybe I would’ve enjoyed their tuna nigiri more, but oh wait…they didn’t have that on the menu.

I wish I had a photo for you but they did have an awesome-looking crispy spicy tuna roll that was unlike anything I had ever seen. They had marinated pieces of raw tuna atop a lightly fried bed of rice, topped with jalapeno and eel sauce. Honestly, I might go back just to try that one for myself, but be warned that it was a more expensive item on the “happy hour menu.”

Here is some edamame my friend ordered. Deliciously seasoned and warm, it was only $2!

You might have guessed by the earlier disappointment’s numerical assignment that there were subsequent disappointments, and unfortunately, you’d be right. The service was….TERRIBLE. My friends and I were there for over 2 hours and we ordered fairly small orders. For the first half of our time there, we were some of the only people in the restaurant. Boo, even the best of sushi can be ruined by subpar service.

And frankly, even though they served up an excellent salmon nigiri, I’ve definitely seen better sushi restaurants. They fail the authenticity test and are very transparent in the way that they’re obviously catering to the Americanized sushi trend. My friend was skimming the more extensive drink menu and found they had a shooter called “Me Luv U Long Time.” Coupled with drinks toting other distasteful terms like Sayonara, Tsunami, Ninja, and Samurai, she found the stereotyping to be downright offensive. And I definitely agree that was a turn-off.

Oh well. I know that doesn’t stop them from raking in the patrons.

-Hillary, craving more salmon nigiri. No I can’t get enough.
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • Noel Schroeder

    That spicy red sauce is Cirracha. Just thought you’d like to know. :)

  • Noel Schroeder


    Sorry for the misspelling.

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