A not so delicious glaze…

…over my eyeballs. I’ve tried to get enthusiastic today, folks, really I have, but it’s just not in me. Thursdays are perhaps my least favorite day of the week–close enough to Friday that you start getting excited about the weekend, but in the end cruelly short of what you want them to be.

Not even Maxine’s candy dish helps.

Days like this, I wish I had all the time in the world to sit in my kitchen and make whatever delicious-looking recipe the internet flings my way. I wish I could buy that ice cream maker and whip up all manner of custards to freeze. I wish I could…

Hell. I work for a cooking website. Why can’t I?

If any of you are feeling talkative, please, please give me a “comfort recipe.” Something that takes the edge off, be it savory, sweet, or somewhere in between. It can be simple, complicated, messy, elegant–I just need to pick a handful of guaranteed pick-me-up recipes and cook them any time a storm cloud seems to be stuck above my head.

Here’s the first one I plan on doing: Soft Molasses Cookies. They’re not exactly the same recipe I fell in love with at a foodie friend’s house back in the day, but they’ve gotta be close, and eating a plate of these–warm, with some Oberweis milk–sounds like heaven right about now.

-Jim, eyeing this purchase

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